Fred Rivett
Fred RivettCo-founder @ The Dot

What's your favourite laptop travel backpack?

I'm looking for a laptop backpack that also has enough space for light travel (a few days clothes, bare essentials). I'd love to hear if you've got any recommendations.
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3 recommended
  1. Kate
    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    I am absolutely in love with this backpack; I use it for everything. When I fly, it's my carry-on bag; when I'm in the office it's what I bring (fits my laptop, all my gym clothes, and my slew of diabetes supplies). Genuinely any situation, this backpack has it handled. There is a padded laptop sleeve built into it, and then it contains plenty of space (but not TOO much) for other things that I need or want to bring with me. I could not more highly recommend this bag!
  2. Kevin Ferret
    Kevin FerretProduct Manager, AgilOne · Written
    I recently had to switch backpacks (my previous one has just given up after 14 years of bad treatment), and I was looking for the same type of backpack. After some research I found the Timbuk2 Especial Medio that I really like so far (after 4 weeks of daily usage) : it holds about 30L (a bit bigger than your usual backpack) which can be reduced when not in use (via compression straps and a collapsible front-pocket), has tons of nicely designed features (key leash, secret side pocket, front pocket that can be opened from the side, etc...), has a great style (not too "K-12 student going in class" but not too "this is my computer bag" either), and is water-resistant + reflective. You can also feel the quality & I believe it will last at least as long as my previous backpack. Daily usage (including in recent heavy SF rain) for commuting (bike + train) has proven this one to be a winner !
  3. I was just looking for recommendations for this recently! Haha. There were a couple of good suggestions in the thread. A friend of mine recommended this one and lent it to me to use. It looks great and can hold quite a bit with 3 separate compartments for clothes, shoes, as well as your work equipment (i.e. laptop, etc). I've used this for a whole week now and I am very close to getting one myself! Just deciding between this or the smaller version called the Aer Fitpack.