Best Tamagotchi-like digital pet app?

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    The app that loves you back

    Hatch first came out for iOS like 4 years ago and was more or less a Tamagotchi clone. It even had dot matrix-inspired graphics. Since then it's been updated with a new modern visual design. You can do things you should expect like train it and care for it.
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    Hugging Face

    The Tamagotchi powered by Artificial Intelligence 🤗

    Ryan Hoover74Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Hugging Face describes itself as a Tamagotchi-like app, an AI-powered friend you can text with. I've been playing with it since its launch. It hasn't died yet.
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    You are mountain, you are god

    Better than a pet: A Mountain.
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    A retro Tamagochi-like virtual pet

    It's the real thing :)
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  5. Mohammad SkafiLead Software Engineer, Interactivelife · Written
    Great sales, one of the earliest break out games from Lebanon. Sole developer.
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    Inbox Creature

    A super cute virtual pet, delivered right to your inbox.

    Rebecca PollardDigital Marketing Manager, AWeber · Written
    The email Tamagotchi experience.
    Chris VasquezCreative Director at AWeber · Written
    Chris Vasquez made this product
    I made this, so of course I have to recommend it! It's super duper fun and I'm adding tons of new content.
  7. Nathan Muellerstudent, memes, coder, reader · Written
    Nathan Mueller made this product
    They're cute, they require care, and they breed like crazy
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