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Best Tamagotchi-like digital pet app?

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    The app that loves you back

    Vinh Pham27🀀 · Written
    Hatch first came out for iOS like 4 years ago and was more or less a Tamagotchi clone. It even had dot matrix-inspired graphics. Since then it's been updated with a new modern visual design. You can do things you should expect like train it and care for it.
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    Hugging Face

    The Tamagotchi powered by Artificial Intelligence πŸ€—

    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt Β· Written
    Hugging Face describes itself as a Tamagotchi-like app, an AI-powered friend you can text with. I've been playing with it since its launch. It hasn't died yet.
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    You are mountain, you are god

    Better than a pet: A Mountain.
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    A retro Tamagochi-like virtual pet

    Alex KwonLounge - Live, Work, Play on Voice Β· Written
    It's the real thing :)
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  5. Mohammad SkafiLead Software Engineer, Interactivelife Β· Written
    Great sales, one of the earliest break out games from Lebanon. Sole developer.
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    Inbox Creature

    A super cute virtual pet, delivered right to your inbox.

    Rebecca PollardMarketing Director, Metamorphosis Β· Written
    The email Tamagotchi experience.
    Chris VasquezDirector of Product at AWeber Β· Written
    Chris Vasquez made this product
    I made this, so of course I have to recommend it! It's super duper fun and I'm adding tons of new content.
  7. Nathan Muellerstudent, memes, coder, reader Β· Written
    Nathan Mueller made this product
    They're cute, they require care, and they breed like crazy
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  8. Martin WellmanDigital pet developer Β· Written
    Really cute, excellent AI and physics, and lots of interaction. Can play games like 2048, memory games, tic-tac-toe, etc with your amoebas, with lots of toys and items to get. Did I mention they're cute?
  9. My Doumi only recently went global on the App Store! It's a fantastic combo of caring for an adorable virtual pet and getting to grips with AR! The difference between My Doumi and other virtual pet apps is that when in AR, the little Doumi actually walks about! Never seen this with other apps and makes it far more interactive! Also has lots of fun mini-games and cute activities, can pay for in-game currency or earn for free! Would urge virtual pet games to check this one out!!