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What's the best app to find the food that best fits my nutrition needs?

I'm looking for an app that really has most of the products represented that can be bought in the supermarket or online (good dataquality with information on ingredients). I need assistance because I want to balance my nutrition while suffering from food intolerances and trying to follow a specific diet (low carb, vegetarian, ...).
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    Lifestyle tracker and calorie counter

    Yannik HeimsothCEO, co-founder HeartBy · Written
    Lifesum is super powerful and got a huge directory of products. Yet it's really beautiful and if you think on subscribing to one of their plans it offers some really great premium features.
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    Isaac MartinEnjoying new technology · Written
    YAZIO is a great app for everything that has to do with nutrition! It has a large database and a barcode scanner and also allows you to follow specific diets like low carb. The app is also really helpful for counting calories and macros and it offers some healthy recipes and meal plans, too!
    Nathan Andrewstech lover // project manager · Written
    I use Yazio for counting macros and calories. It gives you a lot of nutritional information and it's also a nice addition that they offer meal plans and recipes!
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    Free Calorie Counter , diet and excercise journal.

    Willie MorrisFormerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    Pretty solid choice and if you're counting macros, it'll give you all the info you need.