Increase your Product Hunt votes. Add the `Vote Button` to your website to allow your site visitors to quickly vote for your Product Hunt submission.

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This is awesome, @yvoschaap. ๐Ÿ˜€ We've debated whether to build something like this for a while and haven't primarily because we're unsure if people will really use it. Once we build systems for re-engaging upvoters and giving consumers more incentive to do so, I believe this will be compelling to both makers and consumers. For example, the reason why people add a tweet button to their site is to encourage people to share on Twitter (duh) and people click that button because it's a reminder to do so (an external trigger), it's easy to do (easier than copying a link, going to, etc.), and they're rewarded with favorites/RT's/replies by sharing good content with their followers. That said, our #1 goal is to surface products most interesting and useful as determined by the community so we need to be careful makers don't abuse something like this. cc @oelmekki I'm REALLY curious to hear what everyone thinks about this (from both sides). Thoughts?
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@rrhoover It looks amazing and I personally think it's cool. I think the risk of abuse is offset by the awesomeness of it. Abusers will always find a way - how long until we see "Buy 50 upvotes on ProductHunt" show up on Fiverr? I AM curious to know if this is something that would trigger the voting ring detection though!
@rossdcurrie LOL, there's already someone selling upvotes on Fiverr (which is easy for us to detect).
@rrhoover Finally the secret to ProductHunt's monetisation strategy is revealed - Fiverr :)
@rrhoover I see only the postive side of this; it's placed as an hook to visit PH and engage with the hunt, and a badge of honor for those hunts that attracted a bunch of votes. Also don't forget the value of the PH comment section, which is now easily accesable as a means of feedback to the maker. I don't see how having this button on a landing page could add to voting abuse. Voting abuse is something that is already happening, but doubt something so visible and tracable as this button makes it an useful tool for these abuser.
@rrhoover I guess incentive here would be to be able to upvote a loved product in less actions (no need to click previous tab, leaving website, find upvote button in page and click it). The less clicks, the better for everyone :) I wonder if it could not have the effect of having people using more deeply products on their first visit: getting back on PH to upvote is basically an "outlink" (even if tab is still opened). This is also a good way to drive users to PH itself. Vote widget may stay on page for months, and new users may discover PH that way. Or existing users that missed product on launch day may see it and add to one of their collections. Regarding abuse, I guess it should be made sure it's just the widget as is, and not a "PLEASE UPVOTE! => widget". But this would be even more easy to detect than people asking for upvotes on twitter :) The biggest inconvenient I see, actually, is that everyone will have to implement the widget, as upvotes will probably be biased toward those who have.
Based on the style of extisting share buttons (Facebook, Twitter and G+) I've created this Product Hunt vote and comment button. It loads fast and integrates easily. I think the main use case would be on a landing pages as a badge to show your support of Product Hunt, show of your upvote count, and allow visitors to provide feedback with a comment on PH. Or on the day of your product hunt launch, to lure people to vote! It doesnt vote inline, but pops up the product hunt product page.
@yvoschaap It'd be great if the button would only show when the user came from producthunt.
@briancurliss @yvoschaap really? What if techcrunch covers your launch, links to your landing page, wouldn't you want PH-ers to have a CTA if they like what they see? Well anyway, you could code it to behave like that yourself.
@yvoschaap maybe it's just me :)
Seems like this could trigger voting ring detection?
@rossdcurrie does that even exist here?
A little late to the convo here, but want to say thanks to @yvoschaap for this and drop my $0.02 Some people are asking if this is the right thing to do and worried about abuse. I don't think we need to worry about that (especially since you can't actually vote from the button just like you can't tweet from a tweet embed button). When we relaunched Ramen last week ( we were driving every set of eyeballs we could to our PH post page to get their feedback on what we're doing. We ended the day with around 237 votes and in the top 5. The following day we picked up another ~40 votes thanks to the daily email. Since then, however, we've gotten up over 300 (307 at time of writing). While some of these votes are certainly coming from the PH long tail, we also added a big orange bar to our homepage saying "Hey look we were featured on product hunt!" and I'm certain that some customers who are coming to us _not_ through PH are seeing that bar and thinking "oh cool I'll go vote too." Beyond the ability to get votes after the fact, the kind of social proof you get from a successful PH launch is huge. I don't know about you guys, but the first thing I do when I come across a new product is check the about page (specifically the team section) and look for other references to customers. Over the past few months, I've also increasingly taken the extra step of searching for them on PH :) I think Product Hunt has the ability not only to be a great vehicle for launching a product, but the social proof that comes along with a successful launch can continue to benefit a product long after launch. That's why we reached out to Yvo last week asking if we could use the widget from his top hunters page, ended up using EmbedHunt on our homepage for aesthetic reasons, and have already added Yvo's bug to the header of our blog ( Social proof is a big deal post-launch. That's where things like this button will thrive. Thanks so much for building it, Yvo.
Are you sure this is a good idea? I am not sure how currently the algorithm works, but definitely voting from the main page is with bigger weight.
@bogomep I'm not sure there is a vote weight difference based on the referal of the visitor. What is your source?
@yvoschaap @bogomep See the homepage now. There is one product with 47 votes and it is currently on the second position :)
@bogomep I think it has to do with number of upvotes/time since posted
@rossdcurrie - thanks. That's I am talking about :) @yvoschaap - I told you it's baaaaad :)