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heather slater
Contact this team for help
13 reviews
generally speaking it was amazing experience and an eye opening one in which I got to retrieve back my money that had been trapped in an online investment platform that lured me into investing with their fake company , before I got to realize their game plan It was already too late for me after I've paid ridiculously huge amounts of withdrawal fees involved in the T&C which no one told me about from the beginning, the damage has been done and I was already in too deep to just walk away so it got to the point that everything became too much for me to handle therefore I decided to look elsewhere for help seeing that these people were not ready to release my money and the authorities seemed to offer little or no atom of support, I used the little money left with me to hire J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E to trace my transactions with the company and catch the culprits behind this and guess what ? this is the best decision i ever made trust me! .. within a few days after I reached out to this team, they got recover back my complete amount of money from their wallet address and shut down their website as well in order to avoid more people falling victim to their scam operations… my believe is that together we can curtail the amount of damages that could be done to others just like me starting with recouping your lost assets so anyone reading this and is in a similar situation can as well contact the team for help on Email : J e t h a c k s 7 @ g m a i l . com or on their official Telegram username @ J e t h a c k s s Afterwards you can come back to share your testimony and refer the team to others so together we can save as many as we can.

Samuel Helgessen
These guys are the real deal
12 reviews
The habit of trying new things and capitalizing on every opportunity to grow my financial independence has always been my way of living.. my first breakthrough in the tech industry was as a result of my decision to invest into the industry through an acquaintance on Linkedin and when the opportunity to invest in crypto came along I didn’t shut it down.. I started following the crypto market after the Bitcoin bullish run in November 2021 that saw it reach an all time high, ever since then I followed the market and I came to realize that the crypto market is a very fragile one , highly fluctuating in nature and if I was to get into crypto trading , it’d require my full attention so that somehow suppressed my desire to get involved until recently when I was introduced to a Malaysian based trading company Carlyle Acceleration Exchange ( CAE) which in accordance to the contract , i shall pay the trustee 20% of my profit as mentor fee for 4 weeks and in return the trustee trades on my behalf and all income generated upon the 4weeks successful trade shall go to me, I agreed we signed the contracts and quickly I made my first tentative investment which went well just like I was told then a second and a third but when I requested to have my funds withdrawn upon the completion of the third trade, I was told to pay a tax fee since the funds was much which I paid but they didn’t stop there , they kept coming up with more excuses to demand for more fees which looked very shady to me so I did more investigation on my own and discovered more cases like mine out there and how the victims handled their situation by contacting J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E the recovery company that helps people to recoup their lost assets and quickly I copied out the contact information and i reached out to the Team on email : J e t h a c k s 7 @ g m a i l . c o m …. 2 days after , My funds was successfully recovered back to my wallet and I was so happy. I have never seen anything like this before, These guys are the real deal, very competent and reliable and you can also find them on Telegram @ J e t h a c k s s .

Halan Ogilvy
My deepest gratitude
16 reviews
Dear Nathaniel Whittemore, One of the joys of my mornings everyday is to listen to your radio show with a cup of my morning black coffee and learn more about cryptocurrency and big picture power shifts and related topics. Currently we are on the process of purchasing a new space for our first project here in Glen Cove. I always find your topics and guest speakers quite interesting and always come away with some great tip or help in some way. About a year ago I had an issue with a binary trading company that made quite an impact on my financial position and credit score, I tried to no avail to get this sorted with them but was met with barriers of all kinds ranging from withdrawal fees to tax deposit they charge for withdrawals on generated profits but no one told me about it until it was time to take my money . That was until I heard J e t h a c k s R e c o v e r y C e n t r e on your show. With so many crazy advertisements heard on TV and Radio all the time about recovery companies, your show along with J e t h a c k s commentary on Recovery Programs was enough for me. I immediately took his email Address J e t h a c k s 7 @ g m a i l . Com and signed up to get the help I needed. I was met with courtesy, intelligence and most of all a deep concern to help me. In fact, J e t h a c k s Recovery Centre communicated with me frequently to assure me and guide me through the process of recouping back my lost funds. I am happy to report that just in a few days, his team turned my difficult situation to now having a complete debt free life and thanks to that, we’re finally getting to start working on a project that means a lot to my family. As I used to mention all the time, financial freedom comes to those who takes risks. I will continue to be an avid listener of your show and would hope that many more persons are saved through my message today. Thank you for your time, Halan O.

Rasmus Pederson
What A Relief !
7 reviews
Fortunately, I was able to recover my funds with the assistance of a recovery agent I found on Telegram, (@K n I g h t h oo d b o t 9 . The situation unfolded when a scammer contacted me via LinkedIn with the intention to spark a friendship , eventually moving the conversation to WhatsApp and Line. She claimed to work for a crypto trading company for some time now and have made lots of profits with the company. I finally ventured into the Platform Despite initially making profits, I eventually lost all my earnings due to a sudden drop in a trade which didn’t sound right to me and that prompted me to involve the Recovery agents to see to their claims , it turned out that they were not being straight forward with me from the very start . However, I was relieved when the funds were eventually extracted from their website, although they were held for a period. I have since vowed to avoid any offer brought to my notice on any social media platform because none of them is Legitimate. It came to my attention that this company has been operating within Europe for over 3 years now , deceiving people under the guise of being a broker, well their evil deeds later caught up with them because the website has finally been reported and shut down by K N I G H T H O O D B O T R E C O V E R Y F I R M who played a crucial role to rescue me from this situation, and I believe they have the expertise to assist in similar cases. You can contact them via email at "K N I G H T H OO D B O T at gmail dot com" and provide them with a detailed explanation of your situation. No one should fall victim to such schemes, so I encourage you to seek their help and witness the results for yourself.

Peter Mako

Data & Analytics at

1 review
Peter Mako; crypto analyst, investor. VALOR TEAM Email: Valorhaq @ g mail dot com Telegram: Valorhaq_HQ As you think about what would cause more pain – making a bad investment or missing a good one – you must remember that bad outcomes are not always the result of a bad decision; sometimes you simply get unlucky or the probabilities don’t work out in your favor. That’s why no investment action should be taken unless it is adequately supported by good evidence, which also requires that you have a good process for interpreting the evidence you have - VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM helps their client to develop clarity, those who are second guessing an investment company,entagled with a fraudulent company or probably just seeking the skills of professional hackers.Also neglecting adequate research before investing is a critical error that can lead to regrettable outcomes. This mistake involves making investment decisions without a thorough understanding of the investment’s fundamentals, market conditions , or potential risks. For instance, investing in a company without understanding its financial health, business model, or industry position can lead to unexpected losses if these factors turn unfavorable and when this happens only but a handful are able to recover what they lost and this is where “VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM’ Show what they are made of. The regret following such uninformed decisions often centers on the realization that better preparation could have averted the negative outcomes & stumbling upon this is that miracle you have been hoping on this whole time “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” because I can totally Vouch for this company,THEY DIDN’T LET ME DOWN RIGHT AFTER I LOST EVERYTHING!.

Anderson Josek

Founder & Leadership at Represent

1 review
I have made so many sacrifices and when I gave it a long thought backing down from this feels like an uppercut to my being, there was no way I could tell it was fake as I knew nothing and was just learning every step of the way, it’s stupid to blame my loss on ignorance. The reason I went and got it all back without looking back or caring about the after effect and with VALOR HACK there is no after effect , I contracted VALOR HACK with the help of my assistant at work he knew so much about the internet and when he got a hint about my investment loss he referred me to VALOR HACK. I’m not here to exaggerate but soon after I contacted VALOR HACK the whole story changed from me being the victim to being a victor , VALOR HACK RECOVERY are fast and genuine and contacting them was one of my best decisions because they Delivered . Just so you guys know, I gave my assistant a raise to show appreciations , posting this on here is just to show appreciation to VALOR HACK for their amazing hacking skill and to alert the world of VALOR HACK since scammers are working tirelessly to scam us. From today you all should run to VALOR HACK as your place of refuge as they are the only one that can save you from more loss/heartbreak. Contact details: valorhaq at g mail dot com . Telegram Valorhaq_HQ

Isobel Heathershaw
1 review
If only we could make our wishes come through , I would wish a never ending suffering upon this imposters that made me look like a fool . After loosing a fortune to an investment scam , I became ill and fell into depression,I felt used and that I was the only one who fell for this Ponzi . I wasn’t sure if I could survive the crisis that I got myself into , I completely fell for their scam and it left me shattered…I want to say THANK YOU to JETHACKS , honestly if I start to think back about my experience with these scam company , i’m filled with gratitude,These people didn’t hold back in their attempt to empty my pocket , they used all the trick in their book to make sure I keep investing. And when I refused to invest further , they stopped replying my emails , support stopped responding to me also on the website and my pending withdrawals was never passed , this went on for months before I decided to seek for help , I was literally confused and I prayed I don’t fall into the wrong hands again , JETHACKS is the hacker you need, it was God’s guidance for letting me come to know about JETHACKS amongst all the many hackers I saw online but JETHACKS stood out for me, Excellent Team . Contact JETHACKS Today and and you can change the narrative and recover all your money Back, I’ll leave the contact details here for everyone, it’s never too late to change the story . EMAIL : jethacks7 @ g mai l . c o m , Telegram: Jethackss

Javi Allardyce

Community & Support

1 review
I’m the type to never back down from what I want , I go for it and that’s how I been staying true to myself . I had my own share of the deceit and lies in the hands of these fraud investment companies that promise you high returns in investment only to take your money at the end and never pay a dime to the investors. I never even got to the stage of paying withdrawals fees none of that , I was straight out removed from my account , I tried logging in several times but I was denied login , the company stopped replying my messages on email and the girl that Introduced me to the company blocked me on Telegram , I felt so incomplete and empty inside so I reached out to a friend of mine who works in an IT department for a security company for help and he linked me with the JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE INC. A Top hacking Team in the field whom their services has been very beneficial to me and my family , I am happy to share today that the JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE INC. successfully hacked into the fraud company’s servers and to trace my funds and retrieved to my bank account in on the 3rd day of working with the Team . It really speaks volume to their hacking skills and I recommend them to any person out there who has a similar case and needs helps to recover their funds , here are the contact detail EMAIL: JETHACKS7 AT GMAIL. COM TELEGRAM: JETHACKSS

Gary Cook
Gary Cook

Data & Analytics

1 review
Do you feel like your whole world is crumbling before your eyes , worry less I too felt the same when I lost my life savings to an investment scam . Glad I came across Valorhaq @ G MAIL COM , They are a true definition of pure genius . Thanks again for recovering all I lost , don’t hesitate if you have a similar problem. Share to your loved ones too

Harun Dahlberg
My Testimony
11 reviews
There is no better option for Fund Recovery than K N I G H T H O O D B O T R E C O V E R Y CORP. I was on the verge of bankruptcy due to a failed investment that left me in debt, but thanks to the Recovery team, I was able to turn things around. Initially, I felt like a failure, but I remained hopeful that the recovery process with the Corporation would be successful. They fulfilled their purpose and gave me a fresh start. My friends were disappointed in me for involving them in a scheme I was unsure about, and I took responsibility for it. I promised to make things right, and I did. The entire recovery process with K N I G H T H O O D B O T CORPORATION lasted about a week, during which they also helped my friends recover their funds since we had all invested in the same company. After receiving our profits, we celebrated with a small family reunion, filled with joy and gratitude for the successful recovery of our investments. My wife was incredibly proud of me for not giving up, but I am even more grateful to her and KNIGHT HOODBOT CORP for their unwavering support through thick and thin. Reflecting on all of this, I can't help but feel emotional, but I believe it's a normal reaction. If you find yourself in a similar situation, where you have made poor investment decisions in the past, there is no need to worry anymore. Reach out to (@K N I G H T H OO D BO T9 on Telegram or K N I G H T H O O D B O T @ G M A I L . C O M to rectify the issue. They handle such cases flawlessly, and I can personally vouch for them.