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Pythia World
36 reviews
We are developing free AI-based products for founders, product leaders, and marketers. This commitment is driven by our personal journey in the industry – we've been there and fully understand the challenges of starting something new. We are staying true to our social mission to bring value to the community we love being part of. Check out our products that empower decision-making through AI-driven chatbots for app recommendations and competitive market analysis.
Elliot Volkman
Mary Rumyantzeva, PhD
Elliot Volkman and 102 others use Pythia World
30 reviews
Ever wonder what the research actually says? Just ask a question and Consensus will instantly read millions of research papers and deliver you answers. From nutrition, to exercise, to economic policy, Consensus makes you an expert on the research in seconds.
Des Traynor
Varna Sri Raman
Eric Olson
Des Traynor and 90 others use Consensus
227 reviews
Where developers grow together. Free and open source!
⚡ Favor ⚡
Laurent Gobert
Nimrod Kramer
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44 reviews
The truth is, we’re juggling more apps than ever. From important links in slack to comments in notion to emails in Gmail, information is scattered across multiple places. This leads to time wasted on searching rather than doing. With Findr, you can now search links, documents, and scattered information across all your apps from a single search bar.
Business Marketing with Nika
Ghulam Abbas
Vlad Zivkovic
Business Marketing with Nika and 98 others use Findr
156 reviews
Neeva combines the best of the web with the power of generative AI. Find exactly what matters to you. We never show you distracting ads, and we keep your searches private.
James Young
Kazuki Nakayasiki
Mehmet Ali Peker
James Young and 204 others use Neeva
55 reviews
Frame is a unified suite of productivity apps built for teams. It's fast, minimalist, and collaborative. We've regrouped all the mini apps you need to operate as teams under one unified hub, so you can focus on getting stuff done.
Nicolas Baranowski
Olivier Verdin
Pagandai V Pannirselvam
Nicolas Baranowski and 81 others use Frame
TypoGraphy AI
59 reviews
A ChatGPT-style Explorer that connect you to a real-world data & a power specialized web3 knowledge base & on-chain/dapp data. Seamless connect you to the trendy dapps & protocols. And, Chat2Earn make your chatting experience more exciting!
Sorab Ghaswalla
Eliza Murphy
Sorab Ghaswalla and 116 others use TypoGraphy AI
65 reviews
Klu is your internal search engine, pulling data from your apps. Find anything, ask questions, or engage in chat with your data, whether it's a Notion page, an email, or a Google Drive file. Think of it as your own Google.
Mert Baser
Dan Mindru
Alex Szczurek
Mert Baser and 156 others use Klu
46 reviews
Super charge your document knowledge with our Docubaat ChatGPT Agent. Upload, summarize and receive accurate insights from your docs, all in one go.
Mert Baser
Mert Baser and 77 others use Docubaat
14 reviews
A low code dev tool to implement in-app search and commands to help users easily navigate across the application. Connect your API endpoints to search through databases while customizing the widget based on your design requirements.
ganesh arulanantham
Chameli Kuduva
Antony Rex
ganesh arulanantham and 63 others use cmdk