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April 5th, 2018

NEW from Stripe. A tool to make you 💰💰💰
Every company’s favorite thing is billing. Instead of building products or expanding the business, founders everywhere love managing invoices. What a thrill!

Just kidding. Invoices have always sucked. 👀

Yesterday, Stripe Billing launched an all-in-one billing and subscription service for fast-growing startups (the landing page is a beaut).

Stripe is slowly eating your entire financial tech stack. Now, you can:

📚 Learn how to run an internet business with Stripe Atlas Guides
🏛️ Legally incorporate your startup with Stripe Atlas
🖥️ Design your ecommerce checkout flow with Stripe Elements
📦 Build your own P2P marketplace with Stripe Connect
🔖 Manage your subscriptions, invoices, and bills with Stripe Billing
📊 Analyze your sales data with Stripe Sigma
😳 Prevent fraud on your site with Stripe Radar
🤑 Pay your taxes with Stripe Atlas Taxes

Stripe has raised over $470M to own all of your finances, and they're getting close. They're also hiring engineers and PMs like crazy.

Want to dig deep into fintech? We have just the link for you. One of our favorites: the TransferWise Debit Card, a bright green card to save you money when you pay abroad. The Uber Credit Card is pretty nifty too.
Stripe Billing 🤑

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