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Dear stripe designers, I have a huge crush on you.
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@cameronrohani their landing pages always look so fucking 🔥
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@cameronrohani Glad I am not the only one who feels this way <3
@cameronrohani Same, that shit is beautiful... Sometimes I like to look up at the moon and imagine they are looking at that same moon
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@cameronrohani that video player effect at the bottom 😍
Really appreciate that Stripe is taking this on. It's just 1 less thing to have to spend time on. I've spent weeks in the past on integrating fraud detection. Anything that comes "for free" as part of the payment processor is a big win. Would be interested in hearing if people are using this exclusively for fraud protection, or combining it with other tools as well? I'm guessing it depends on the industry/how fraud prone they are.
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This is such a huge pain in the A$$. Having to deal with charge backs or stolen credit cards... The average bootstrapped can't afford services that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. For Stripe saves the day again. For more founders🙀
We just built a tool like this using Amazon's ML service, pretty simple to build and works really well. Although having the entire Stripe network to cross reference would be awesome.
@rtbrennan1 interesting, can you talk more about this or share any posts/code?
@andreioprisan Sure! I'll write a post tomorrow.
Proud to be Stripe customer, that's how they make me feel.