Stripe Billing

Billing and subscriptions for fast-growing businesses

The most ambitious companies design billing around customer experience. Stripe Billing is a new set of tools to build and scale your recurring business model.

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This is a massive release, aimed for SaaS startups. Nice work, @noahmp and team. @vesln, we should look into this for Ship (plug! 😉)
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@noahmp @rrhoover @vesln Omg... its like you read my mind... 🤯 Perfect timing! 🤗 Just been in touch with the sales team, thanks guys! 🙌👏
This is so beautiful congrats! I wish EU VAT MOSS was handled by Stripe, without it, I can't use Stripe :(
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@themesdepot i just wanted to ask. so this is not handled by stripe? so its also useless for me :(
@neuling2k as far as I know, it doesn't. This is a big pain point for a lot of people and many are switching to FastSpring because it acts as a reseller so you don't have to handle it. There was also a thread on indiehackers opened by a Stripe co-founder and it was mentioned they'd be looking it, but nothing more.
@themesdepot yes Stripe, if you are listening fix EU VAT MOSS once and for all! Billing without MOSS support is useless in EU.
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Disclaimer: Octobat co-founder here. We've built the missing part about EU VAT. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about VAT, I'd be happy to help ;-).
@themesdepot @hjuskewycz totally agree. Wish Strip will handle VAT along with payments/subscriptions and act as a reseller like @fastspring & @PaddleHQ. This would truly make life easier for so many SaaS startups & other software vendors in EU. I have asked Strip support about this issue few times in the past, but they neither confirmed nor denied about this feature availability in the future. I just want to get paid at the end of the day for my software like in Apple App Store. Nobody wants to handle/maintain/charge all the different (20+) EU VATs themselves or use additional third party services like @avalara etc just to handle taxes/VAT.
This is so awesome. Why did it take so long to launch this?
@noahmp, is the 0.4% fee for Stripe Billing added to Stripe's usual 2.9% transaction fee? It's not super clear.
@noahmp @joshuaanderton Stripe cofounder added some good insight here:
This fucking legit. Definitely going to utilize this when I move to a subscription model for my startup. Well done team!