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As someone who has been working in online payments for about ten years now, I can say that Stripe Connect has long been one of the most underrated and underhyped payments products ever. The problem they are solving is much more difficult than most folks realize. Do you want to set up a marketplace for used sports equipment? It's not too hard if it's US only, but what about when you want to expand to the UK, Australia, etc.? There is no single or simple solution for this. Payments regulations, banking compliance, KYC and AML compliance all vary by country or region. On top of that, the appetite for marketplace-style businesses drops off sharply outside of the US. I've said it before a million times, not only is Stripe Connect the only real solution, it also happens to be a great one.
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@roboswald +5 I've been using their API for the past few weeks and Connect was the only part of it that involved 'slightly' more friction than the rest. With this update though, they just completely eliminated it – amazing execution guys.
@roboswald We have been running Overnight on Stripe Connect for 1.5 years now. Up until this point I would say it's been good but not underrated. There were many shortcomings when it comes to the needs of a modern marketplace. I spent a ton of time with both their support and their compliance teams dealing with what I thought should have been non-issues. However, this update addresses all of those issues and more. I am thrilled to see they took some of my suggestions to heart, or were working on them anyway 😆 Congrats and thanks Stripe!
@roboswald Great to hear those issues were addressed! OOC, could you shoot me an email at edwin@stripe.com? Would love to hear more on what those issues specifically were and how we can continue to help Overnight grow.
Curious to try the new Stripe Connect? Here’s Rocket Rides, a sample on-demand platform built on top of Express: https://rocketrides.io. 🚀 This Node app is open source on GitHub, so feel free to check out the code and quickly add Express’s fast onboarding to your own platform. 👩‍💻👨‍💻 https://github.com/stripe/stripe...
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@romainhuet This is awesome, love the demo!
Stripe sets the bar for landing pages. Always gorgeous. Well done!
I'm seriously in love with Stripe's design team
"Stripe Connect provides new tools for multi-sided marketplaces" more here from @ryanlawler.