Business taxes are now easier for companies using Stripe Atlas. From the Stripe Dashboard, we’ll help you file your Delaware franchise tax and corporate income taxes.

Interested in using Stripe Atlas to start an internet business? Get started right away with instant access just for the Product Hunt community.

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Glad to see Stripe continue to invest in Atlas, which seems to be becoming a set of services/tools that make starting a business less painful. 👏🏼
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Hey Product Hunt! We’re excited to share with you Stripe’s first ship of 2018. We’ve heard from many Stripe Atlas entrepreneurs that getting business taxes right is painful. It’s hard to know what taxes you owe, good accountants are expensive and hard to find, and fixing mistakes is even more expensive. All of this takes time away from building your product and company. Companies using Stripe Atlas can now file their Delaware franchise tax with just a few clicks from the Stripe Dashboard, and for the more individualized corporate income taxes, we’ll help set you up with an accountant (discounted by up to 50%). We’ve also published a guide on surviving the tax season, by patio11:
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Stripe continues to find ways to be the middle man for all startups. 🧠Ideas->🚧Projects->💰Businesses
This is great! Please, could you help out international companies to file sales tax / VAT / GST in non-US markets such as the EU, Australia, India? By any chance, is this on your roadmap for 2018?
I second this, would help a great deal over on the other side of the pond!
Yet another incredible addition to Atlas 👏