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#3 Product of the WeekApril 05, 2018

All the freely usable, high-resolution photography on Unsplash (https://unsplash.com) is now available on iPad and iPhone.

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Mikael ChoHunterHiring@mikaelcho · Creator of Unsplash
Wooh! Mikael, one of the co-founders of Unsplash here. I know we’re late to the app party but we finally made one. :) Trailer video here:
Our intent with Unsplash for iOS was not to build another social/photo networking app. Instead, we wanted to bring all the freely usable, high-res photos on Unsplash to iOS in a way that felt native to iPad (drag & drop, multitasking). The Unsplash app might seem under-featured. There’s no profiles, following, or liking yet. Instead, the app is super focused on doing just one thing well: getting great images into creative applications quickly and easily. Today’s version is just the start. Would love to hear what you think! More on our thinking behind the launch here: https://medium.com/unsplash/unsp...
Mo Rajabifard@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@mikaelcho Congrats! Awesome useful app, the trailer well shows the use case for content creators or just social media fans ;)
Mikael ChoHunterHiring@mikaelcho · Creator of Unsplash
@morajabi Thanks Mohammad! Ya, we tried to focus on the creative use of photography. Specifically building on the interactions Apple recently introduced in iOS 11.
Anton B@discoavenger · Marketing Manager at Alex Carro Skincare
@mikaelcho Congrats and thanks! This will be incredibly helpful for social media work that I'm doing. The website was great but an app is always easier to use.
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
@mikaelcho Unsplash brings a smile to my face every single time I hear about a product you introduce or a deal you strike. "super focused on doing just one thing well: getting great images into creative applications quickly and easily." Truly a creative companion one can count on. Keep them coming 👌🏼
Melvin Thambi@thambimelvin · Creative Director RapidValue Solutions
@mikaelcho simple & clean app!! Kudos to the entire team behind this great app 👏👏
Naoufal Kadhom@naoufal · Senior UI Engineer, Netflix
✌️ Sup dudes -- this is hot fire! 🔥🔥🔥 PS. Hi Steph
Olivier ColletMakerHiring@ocollet · Sometimes I create things.
@naoufal ✌️🔥
Lucas@pluslucas_ · Aspiring UI/UX designer
Is an Android version coming soon? I love great products but it always hurts to see an iOS exclusive app from a pretty well-sized company
Olivier ColletMakerHiring@ocollet · Sometimes I create things.
@pluslucas_ I'm sorry, we don't have plans for a similar app on Android anytime soon. But we have plans for Android. We already released an Android app, before iOS: https://unsplash.com/wallpaper#a...
Gaurav Sharma@gaurav_sharma11 · Entrepreneur
This is awesome..!! Now getting through your images just got easier. And your launch trailer is simply amazing and highly influential :)
Amazing! Always impressed by what you guys put out there :)
Charles DeluvioMakerHiring@charlesdeluvio · Designer
@lulzhrk Thanks Harris!