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Stunning landing page as always 😍 Congrats on the launch!
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@benln Their pages are always so good looking. Really great design.
Today at Stripe Sessions, our first user conference, we introduced Sigma. You can now use SQL to explore your Stripe data and create customized reports for your company inside the Dashboard! 🔍👨‍💻
@edwinwee we might need @awfy to help us with some dashboard design now! Custom reports 👏
This is great, hoping to try it out soon. I'm wondering, is this Stripe's first step at providing features similar to what baremetrics.com offers?
Stripe has just been killing it lately.
@andrewdavidj Stripe is not just killing it product-wise but they're also serving the dev community (e.g. Increment, Indie Hackers) quite nicely.
I am not a Stripe customer, but I would love this interface for frequently used, sharable db queries. Anyone know of a MySQL GUI that does this? Please don't say MySQLWorkbench!
@mccataldo Things like Periscope..?
@mccataldo Metabase is a pretty solid open-source (free) one: http://www.metabase.com/
@idris I'm checking it out now. I also stumbled upon Blazer by Instacart (@andrewkane) and Airpal by Airbnb, which might also fit the bill for anyone interested.
@idris thanks for suggesting Metabase. That looks to be the winner, winner, chicken dinner
@_vojto maybe. I'll take a looksee.