/voice command for Slack to send voice messages to your teammates.

We know you wanted it - so here it is 😎

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Hello Product Hunt! Recently we shipped Video Messages on Slack. Many of you asked us to make the same, but for voice. So here it is. I'm excited to announce that from now on you can send voice (and video) messages on Slack to keep in touch with remote teammates ✨ πŸ’‘ How does it work? You install Standuply slack bot which brings /voice slash command. Then you just type /voice in a channel or in a DM with a person to send a voice message in a corresponding place. πŸ’½ Where are recordings stored? We connect to your Google account and create a private video channel on Youtube for your account. All your recordings are stored there, and you have the full control. Also having them in a private video channel means nobody will see them unless you share the link to the message. πŸ’΅ How much does it cost? At the moment voice messages are the part of the free plan at Standuply. All you need is to have the bot installed on your team. πŸ—£οΈ Can I use voice messages for standup meetings? It's a paid feature, though. See details at https://standuply.com/pricing We're looking to having your feedback and suggestions. Warm welcome from Standuply team.
It would be much better if recordings were translated into texts too, so anyone can preview or refer later on without listening over and over again. Well, at least in English. :)
@inlinecoder Well, it's not an easy task... How would you handle that?
@sprinter from which perspective? UX? UI? Code?
@inlinecoder first from UX, assume ~2 min duration which will be a lot of text and thus inconvenient to use; next - speech recognition isn't good and pricey. It all brings more challenges then value. How would you solve it?
@sprinter I'd say, a postponed speech-recognition (not a real-time) might be ok. So, basically, you record your voice as you usually do with no signs of speech to text conversion. Then, later on, every chat member is provided with a fully converted speech or, at least, a small preview. Providing a small preview, for, say, first 10-15-30 secs might be a good feature to be able to navigate through all messages (and to keep history). There're some fundamental issues with having voice (messages in a chat): – It's not searchable – It's not accessible (in terms of human disabilities) – It's not conveniently preview-able ... (I do indeed agree that it's not a trivial task. I'd argue about it's importance tho)
@sprinter real-life case: I'm using voice/video messages very often for a work and casually, but everyone hates me because of this and eventually I have to outline what was told :( I have to mention when it's casually, it's perceived much better as the information being conveyed isn't that important.
I admire this workaround but it's so obvious that people are crying out for Native voice recording/snippets in Slack.
@itsjoeturner yeah, maybe our feature within Standuply bot will force them to ship it faster
FYI, Amazon's speech transcription API was released to the public just today. https://aws.amazon.com/transcribe/
Old news, Slack is now as exciting as Microsoft Word. Next!
@androidlove so what are all the cool kids using now?
@sprinter using Slack does not make one cool. Just as using Microsoft Word does not make you and old school hipster.