Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 1st, 2020

Look ma, no hands coding 🙌
Earlier this week, Tommy MacWilliam and team launched Serenade, a tool that turns natural speech into code. Use it to take a break from typing, eat chicken wings, mix up your workflow, or abandon typing for good.

Most developers will agree, wrist pain sucks. This tool aims to help people with injury prevention, as well as helping those with existing injuries or disabilities.

While it may be hard to break a typing habit, Serenade can be used on top of your current setup across programming languages (Python, Java, JavaScript) and editors (Atom, VS Code, Chrome). Use it to create custom voice commands to automate any workflow, from compiling code to running tests. Win-win.

The developers promise to keep the free version of Serenade available forever with upgrade options for enterprise projects.

Some early reactions from the community suggest this product has piqued curiosities;

“Would be interesting to compare how much time it can save.” - Андрей

“Seems useful for non sighted programmers“ - Alice

“Curious to see how well it performs and which lines you have to declare vs which lines are automatically detected.” - Merlin

We’re seeing more developer tools like these making tech more accessible and creating more opportunities for less-abled makers.

Try turning your voice into code.
Try Serenade
No 👏 more 👏 awkward 👏 silences👏

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