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September 29th, 2020

Twitch for homework
The Global EdTech market is set to reach $404B by 2025 according to a report by HolonIQ. Even at this level, EdTech and digital expenditure will only make up 5.2% of the $7.3 trillion (yes, you read it right) global education market in 2025. 🤯

EdTech is big business and with 2020 posing more challenges than ever before for students to access classes safely, online learning is having a real - and necessary - moment.

Yesterday, maker Jared Hsu launched StreamWork, a video streaming service for students (think Twitch - but for homework).

StreamWork is an academic live-streaming platform for A+ students to tutor classmates and friends. You can tune in to educational live streams, study collaboratively, get homework help, and receive donations.

While most students spend half their time setting up Zoom and trying to learn how to learn-from-home, makers have been building innovative solutions to replace and augment real-life experiences.

We’ve seen dozens of creative educational products launch this year including:

Speakeasy offers online talks and workshops led by top professors, authors, and performers.

Whiteborb is a shared online drawing surface you can use as a whiteboard.

Epihub is Shopify for tutoring, training, and teaching anyone online.

The Examiners is a quiz and flashcard generator for bioscience and medical students.

Virtually is a fully-customizable solution for teaching online and building an online school.

Trickle is a microlearning and personal knowledge management platform for lifelong learners.

Programiz is a free programming learning platform that provides beginner-friendly tutorials.

PictoBlox is an interactive AI education app for kids.

Attendance automatically tracks student attendance on Zoom classes.
Watch StreamWork
This web app turns your selfies into Pixar-like cartoon characters.

Toonify uses machine learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to create fun characters from your photos.

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