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Jamie Skella
@jamieskella · Co-founder of Contact Light
As someone who only writes web code infrequently, not warranting a purchase the likes of Sublime Text, TextMate or even Textastic, Atom is a no-brainer.
Omar El Amri
Atom and Sublime Text are great visual experiences, but it would be great if they could also understand language and framework logic in the same way that Webstorm does.
Juil Yoon
@juil_yoon · Photographer. Programmer for fun.
Have been using Atom for 2 weeks now while going through a Udacity nanodegree, and I loving it! Some fantastic package recommendations here: http://benmccormick.org/2016/01/...
Chris Chinchilla
I love Atom, and you might like to read about my setup, especially if you're a writer… https://hackernoon.com/making-at...
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
By the GitHub folks. Discussion: http://discuss.atom.io