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March 5th, 2020

11 remote tools you haven't heard of

With increased concerns over coronavirus, more and more employees will be working from home over the next few weeks. In Seattle, companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have shut down various offices and requested that employees stay home out of precaution. In San Francisco, Lyft and Dropbox also advised their employees to go home. LinkedIn is even conducting all of its job interviews virtually.

It’s obvious that tools like Slack and Zoom (which already saw its stock climb) will help, but what other tools can help your team prepare for a period of remote work? Our team at Product Hunt is fully distributed, spanning a myriad of timezones every day. Besides Slack and Zoom, we use tools like Trello, Quip, Invision, and 1Password to say in sync.

Some lesser known remote tools worth checking out right now:

📝 Taskade lets your team take notes and chat in a unified work space

“Taskade is easy to use and combines the best elements of a simple Todo-list with powerful workflow templates that make managing projects and teams a breeze.“ - Cody

👀 Tandem is a virtual “office“ for remote and distributed teams

“Tandem has put a lot of time into delivering a beautiful app that makes it dead-simple to talk with your team.” - Gustaf

🖥 CoScreen lets you literally share screens

“There is huge potential for tools like this. It could revolutionize streaming, pair programming, and really all kinds of collaborative jam sessions with remote workers.” - Alexander

💬 Humble Dot helps managers make meetings more efficient (we use this!)

“We are not able to meet weekly in person so this has been a huge time saver and has allowed us all to stay on the same page.” - Lucia

📹 Loom is like Slack, but with videos

“I use it a lot when product testing, it's so much easier to explain when I find a bug to our developers, also works great for recording calls and doing demos or tutorials.” - Adelaida

🎵 Flow State emails you two hours of free music for focusing every day

“I’m always looking for more focus music, so I appreciate the curation” - Tom

🎙 Krisp Mac lets you mute the background noise during calls

“Works like a charm for webinars and meetings. Strongly recommend.” - Gilles

🙌 Slido makes meetings more interactive with quizzes and polls

“Crowdsourcing the best ideas and questions within your teams, with a simple command in Slack. Looking forward to using this for our brainstorming sessions.” - Martin

Time Zone Converter lets you calculate the time for your teammates

“You've solved my biggest pain.” - Vitaliy

👏 Remote Team is an all-in-one HR platform for distributed teams

“It definitely beats spreadsheets and bank issues while transferring funds around the world.” - Dana

💻 GroWrk lets you rent home work stations

“GroWrk is looking to solve a growing and much needed issue— how to support remote workers in a scalable and cost-efficient manner.“ - Miguel

More Remote Work Apps

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