Flexible home workstations for remote teams as a perk

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2020
With GroWrk Remote employers provide their remote employees with ergonomic home workstations and home amenities as a perk, on a flexible and affordable plan.
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Thanks for hunting us, @Kevin! Hey Product Hunt, Growrk Remote team is here! Growrk makes it easy for companies of all sizes to set-up their remote workers with premium workspaces on an accessible and flexible low subscription. The idea of Growrk came to us to scratch our own itch. While building a previous startup in the Bay Area, we had to deal with insane office budgets and struggled to find local talent at reasonable rates. We decided to build and manage a distributed team instead and realized three things along the way: 1- The large majority of remote workers prefer to work from home (Not coffee shops or co-working spaces) 2- High-quality ergonomic home office furniture is expensive ($2k to $5k per workstation set) 3- A monthly remote worker's home office stipend is not enough to cover these costs, and many startups don’t have the budget to offer it. When we saw that a solution was sorely missing, we decided to build it. With Growrk companies can equip their remote teams with premium workstations at a fraction of the cost, with full flexibility to upgrade, swap, return or buyout pieces to scale or downsize as the company grows, at the touch of a button. We're excited to be building a cost-efficient, easy and scalable solution to ensure remote teams work safely, comfortably and productively at home. We are looking forward to your feedback! Thanks all, Carlos 🌟 Deal for PH: 10% off your first year if you sign up before February 28th. US Only🌟
Congrats @cescutia and team! @Growrk is a great product and solves a true pain point for expanding businesses.
Thanks, Vivek.
@cescutia @growrk @vivek_boray1 definitely agree, companies make large investments in office space, but the opportunity is to leverage employees that work from home with an office like feel.
I like that everything is moving towards remote services. This service compliments an empty space of hardware + software. The software exists, now easy access to quality office equipment provides an excellent leverage point for companies to use their capital more efficiently, essentially a competitive advantage. Great work.@GroWrk @cescutia
Thanks, Roberto!
This is a very interesting idea and the trend definitely seems to be moving towards this direction. I have a feeling services like this will take off! Congrats on the launch and well done!
Thanks for the good wishes, Owen!
Nice idea! Is there a minimum spend/size for employers (e.g. is there anything stopping e.g. a freelancer using this for their home office)?
Thanks, Kieran!. There are no minimums and free-lancers can use our service, the only additional requirement to companies is that we run a soft pull check as part of our verification process. Thx!