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#5 Product of the DayNovember 26, 2019
CoScreen is radically focused on highly agile teams. Any window you drag & drop to your extended screen appears on the extended screens of your peers and vice versa. Everyone has their own mouse pointer and can simultaneously interact with any window.
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This is exciting! Companies that nails how to collaborate remotely will definitely be the winners.
@johan_forshufvud Indeed. For us this is only the beginning
Hey everyone, I randomly came across this product recently and subsequently reached out to Max and Till to learn more. I was really interested in how they see the future of remote and work collaboration so we kept in touch, so today, I am happy to post them here!
@neilswmurray Thanks again for your passion & support for our mission!
Hey Product Hunters, First of all a big thank you to @neilswmurray for hunting us! We’ve made CoScreen for highly agile teams who want to collaborate more naturally and tear down the boundaries between their computers (watch our video: 📖 Problem: Pretty much anyone who has ever worked remotely knows it - today’s remote collaboration solutions provide much better screensharing quality and reliability (thanks, Zoom) compared to a few years ago. But it takes the same frustrating steps to connect and to pick windows again and again even if you're always collaborating with the same people, only one user can share screens and remote control at a time, users have to ask for permission to interact, etc. 🚀 Solution: By turning your secondary display into your team desktop, CoScreen enables you to share your windows with your peers in a single, natural interaction step by drag & drop. They can share their windows in the same way, on the same desktop, side-by-side, at the same time. Each team member has an own mouse pointer and can interact with all windows without having to request controls. It also works great if you only have one screen and you can also chat with each other via audio. With CoScreen, screensharing is no longer a monologue. What once started as a corporate moonshot project and launched via Product Upcoming a few months ago with over 300 sign-ups from small startups to large tech companies, is now in public beta. Let us know your feedback as it’s still an early (and free!) beta version. We are looking forward to hearing from you Till & the CoScreen team
Congrats on the launch Till!
@hrishikesh1990 Thanks a lot and also for featuring us on!
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