Humble Dot

A free tool that eliminates meetings.

Humble Dot is a tool that eliminates meetings while building efficient and high-quality communication. We have dozens of workflows to replace recurring & one-off meetings. Examples include 1:1s, weekly updates, candidate debriefs, project retrospectives, etc.
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Thank you @sheelgupta5 for posting! My cofounder, @macgridcupcake, and I have been working on Humble Dot for over a year now with the goal to help managers build high-performing and happier teams. One thing that we noticed with tools for managers is that they are either too focused on task management or too focused on employee performance. We wanted to take a different approach and build a tool where we focus on what it takes to manage a team holistically. From talking to dozens of managers, we learned that automating the work around the collection and coordination of updates was the key to saving them time and giving them the visibility to build a stronger team. We've gained a lot of traction so far various companies not just in tech, and we wanted to offer our product for free for the Product Hunt community. Simply sign up through our Product Hunt landing page: Of course, any feedback is welcome, and our team will be available here all day to answer any questions you may have. Thanks!
I'm super excited about Humble Dot! With teams that I have run in the past, I've found one of the biggest challenges is getting updates from team members in a way that's super lightweight. Often tools are too heavy, so people don't use them. Or they are updated infrequently, meaning communication is slow and people feel blocked. I love how Humble Dot facilitates communication in a way thats fun and easy.
Humble Dot has been really helpful for our non-profit. We are not able to meet weekly in person so this has been a huge time saver and has allowed us all to stay on the same page!
I haven't used Humble Dot, but I've met the co-founders and was impressed by their view on the points of friction in managing teams. These guys are doing the work to help you focus on what really matters when it comes to managing people.
@airjoshb Thank you so much for your kind words!

We all use and enjoy the product .


Super light weight


more “fun” questions would be nice