Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 15th, 2017

For developers' eyes only. 👀
Today's email is by Ben Halpern, creator of, and voice of the wildly popular Twitter account @ThePracticalDev.

Finding the right tool can be critical for executing on a product or feature. The discovery process can also inspire new ideas altogether. I am always on the lookout for new dev tools and APIs that can level up our team, here are six products that have recently caught my eye.

Algolia Places: I have a lot of faith in Algolia’s low-latency search products and this one seems great to easily enrich a drop-in.

TalkJS: A library to easily add much-important messaging features to web apps. This is not a wheel I want to re-invent.

Glitch: There have been several attempts at the build-modify-execute community programming ideas. This one seems like it could stick, and be a lot of fun.

Bugsee: Turning the breadcrumbs of an app crash into usable video. This seems brilliant.

Jasonette Cross Platform: Building native apps solely from a JSON-config. Insanely-declarative programming. This is wacky, but I can imagine a lot of scenarios where it’s just the right solution.

Coralogix: A smarter dashboard that raises important things to your attention, yes please!

Thank you Ben for the practical suggestions! Your work on Twitter is simply the best. 👌
Recommended by The Practical Dev
Yesterday Facebook added Stories to it's core app, which follows the launch of Stories on Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. While we enjoy the Facebook cloning Snapchat jokes as much as anyone, this comment from Alex is something we should all think about:

"We are all worried about who is copying who when the reality is that Stories are the next pivotal shift in the social space for how we express ourselves. Stories are becoming a "new standard". And just like the comment box I am currently typing in, the Story feature will be standardized and commoditized to the point where the interface is consistent, easy-to-use, and recognizable across all platforms and applications."