Integrated messaging for every web and mobile product


Mark Studholme
@mark_studholme · co-founder - CROWDYHOUSE
As a paying customer of Talk.js I am more than happy to endorse this product. It was quick and simple to install for our developers. We had it up and running in 1 hour max. The pricing model is fair and reasonable compared to other peer 2 peer messaging tools. The team behind it are a great group of guys who respond quickly to any tickets and are constantly … See more
Michael Sitver
@msitver · Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
Seems pretty pricey, at least at lower levels. How does this compare to the competition?
Joshua Schoenaker
@joshschoen · Designer/entrepreneur
Thanks for hunting us, Bram! Builders of apps and web apps can embed TalkJS to directly connect their users with each other in a real-time chat. Think buyer-seller chat on online marketplaces, direct contact in social platforms, community sites and so on. Leading marketplaces like Airbnb, Booking, and Upwork all doubled down on their p2p messaging functio… See more
Kirill Soloviev
@double_u_d · founder @Nimi (test brand names globally
Looks interesting! Can you guys support different isolated teams in one deployment, so that team members can only talk to each other but not between teams?
Andreas Backx
@andreasbackx · Co-founder Lunchbreak
What are the benefits of using TalkJS compared to Intercom? TalkJS' cheapest plan seems to be the same price as Intercom's plan, but offers less. The other plans are also a lot more expensive with seemingly less features in my eyes. There's also a bug on the FAQ page. When you click on "Q: We can't afford TalkJS", it opens the tab before that instead of the… See more