Build full-featured chat into your websites and mobile apps

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our chat API + SDK allows developers to easily add chat between users on your platform in hours instead of months.

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As a paying customer of Talk.js I am more than happy to endorse this product. It was quick and simple to install for our developers. We had it up and running in 1 hour max. The pricing model is fair and reasonable compared to other peer 2 peer messaging tools. The team behind it are a great group of guys who respond quickly to any tickets and are constantly improving the product. Last but not least it saves our customer service department a huge amount of time, as it allows our designers on to speak directly with the customers. Great product. Congrats guys!
@mark_studholme Heyy, thanks Mark! Happy you're happy, and you know where to find us when you've any more wishes :-)
@mark_studholme does it allow for a custom UI?
@prestonattebery Preston, this is very late, apologies– I somehow missed this comment. Yes, we do have CSS Themes, read more about them here: Thanks!
Thanks for hunting us, Bram! Builders of apps and web apps can embed TalkJS to directly connect their users with each other in a real-time chat. Think buyer-seller chat on online marketplaces, direct contact in social platforms, community sites and so on. Leading marketplaces like Airbnb, Booking, and Upwork all doubled down on their p2p messaging functionality in the last months. For all of the other companies with similar dynamics, but without the resources to build it themselves, we’ve built TalkJS. @skrebbel and me are here for questions and feedback 👋
@joshschoen I am trying to use TalkJs with a server-rendered react app? I am getting an error that talkjs can only be used with browsers not node js
Seems pretty pricey, at least at lower levels. How does this compare to the competition?
Looks interesting! Can you guys support different isolated teams in one deployment, so that team members can only talk to each other but not between teams?
@double_u_d Hey Kirill, yes we do! I must warn you that our group chat feature is planned for public launch 2 weeks from now, so the honest answer is "almost" 😊 As a programmer, you choose who gets to talk with who. People can get to their own conversation history, but TalkJS does not provide some sort of "user search" or "team search" to start or join a conversation with just anybody. This is on purpose, because our customers want to stay in control of who gets in touch with who. Does this help?
@skrebbel thanks Egbert, it does make a lot of sense. interested to take a look at group chat when you ship it. really love the anonymized feature - might fit our needs perfectly. on the flip side, I'm not sure we're not ready to pay per conversation. we're building a SaaS, not an ecommerce shop - chat is a convenience feature that we want to provide for our customers so they can connect their project team members who will work on our platform. this means we won't be making any extra money from each new convo...
@double_u_d Hey Kirill, Good to hear! I'll keep you posted. If our pricing model does not work for yours, we should talk. We offer bulk discounts for enterprises and we're also happy to think along if you're not really talking bulk yet :-) Can you get in touch with us directly on our site, or by email?
Been jonesin for an excuse to use talk in a project. Love the concept and execution, nice work!
@mwtbrowser thanks, Adam! (sorry saw your comment just now) Did you find a nice project for it yet? :)