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Snapchat clone rolled out to users worldwide

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Next: Stories in my banking app. Deposit money and see them gone in 24h.
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I've not got enough spare time to mess around updating stories left, right and centre. Stealing the quote that @mgsiegler stole from Jurassic Park "...whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think whether or not they should" This seems more in place within the FB app rather than Messenger Day does... lets see if this war is about to go batshit crazy TechCrunch broke the news and the update should be live for most (if not all) FB app users today
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@bentossell @mgsiegler agreed. they might have left messenger day behind and allowed users to show the facebook one in the messenger app as an option.. it shouldn't be two things.
@bentossell @mgsiegler Thing is: I have almost no interactions on Snapchat even though I have a bunch of friends here, and I'm doing a lot of stories. All for nothing. Nothing happens. And don't tell me it's because I'm not the perfect Snapchat typical user because I'm 51! On Messenger, it can be a different game, and since I'm not on Facebook (bit I still have Messenger), it could be a very funny experience on the long term with all the people I'm connected with there. We don't care about who innovates, or who is copying who. It's about who makes the story long, because there are enough example of social networks collapsing after a great peak of activity. No one is protected from this digital disease. Good buzz anyways by mocking Snapchat here :0
@bentossell @mgsiegler Yeah exactly! Does Facebook seriously expect us to post all of the stories that we post on Instagram (which has been wildly successful) to Facebook too. This is crazy! Snap -> Instagram -> Whatsapp -> Medium -> Facebook
@bentossell @mgsiegler LOL being copied is the best form of flattery, I hope to see a Snapchat user walls feature soon.
@bentossell what a powerful display of.. whatever. So many places whereby to post their stories, not enough life left to live (much less to talk about). Stop this madness! 😄
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@nivo0o0 Innovation at its peak!
@nivo0o0 we have officially reached peak story
I have no brand loyalty to any app using the concept of "Stories", but, please allow me to play Devil's Advocate here for a second..... Every feature we use on the internet — that we now take for granted — originated with the first person, organization, or company to implement it. A textual status update, a blog, a rating system, pull to refresh, dropdown menus, accordions, etc... We are all worried about who is copying who when the reality is that Stories are the next pivotal shift in the social space for how we express ourselves. Stories are becoming a "new standard". And just like the comment box I am currently typing in, the Story feature will be standardized and commodotized to the point where the interface is consistent, easy-to-use, and recognizable across all platforms and applications. If anything, I see this as a huge win for the consumer/user. The worst thing you can do for the user is expect them to learn and memorize 5 different ways to interact with a "Story" for any given application. TL;DR - Stories are a new standard for social communication and should be standardized so that users can easily use and understand them as they flip between apps and platforms.
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@metalhaze 100% agree here. The "snapchat clone" language is not appropriate. We're just talking about the maturing of a new standard of creation and consumption on a mobile phone (which Snapchat happen to pioneer). This story paradigm is also not just for images/videos but anything a user consumes visually (Medium Series for text for example).
@metalhaze That would be ideal. However, this is the opposite standardisation. This has been an all-over-the-shop contest to establish the best story-telling platform. I reckon standards is the very last thing on makers' minds. They've all been trying, their hardest, to get that user base, bidders and sponsor rosters..
@metalhaze Agree with you and if this was written on Medium, I would have highlighted the whole thing!
@metalhaze disagree. It's not a "standard." It's a single company that invented the concept and another (shameless, ruthless) company that is 100% cloning it.
Should we expect Facebook Wear to be released next year to compete with Snapchat Spectacles?
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@bb8orr2d2 this would be called Facebook Spectacular.