See video, network & logs leading up to bugs or crashes

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Thanks for hunting us @hnshah! Hi Product Hunters, this is Alex from Bugsee.  We’re stoked to be here today, so we’re offering a Product Hunt exclusive 30% discount to anyone who signs up today (no credit card required). Bugsee is a bug and crash reporting tool for iOS and Android apps. Like a black box on an airplane, Bugsee locally records everything that the app is doing. Whenever a bug occurs, everything you need to debug has already been recorded and available in an easy to view format: - Video of user’s actions + touch events (including in live apps) - Network traffic (including body) - Console logs (including print in swift on iOS10) - And so much more… Also, last month, CrashProbe — the ultimate benchmark for mobile crash reporters — named Bugsee as the #1 crash reporter for iOS — http://www.crashprobe.com/ios/ Technical stuff about Bugsee: - Added with just one line of code - Increases the app size by ~300KB - Passes all App Store certifications (uses only public APIs) - Does not slow down the UI of a live app - Secure fields are obstructed in the video recording - Does not stream, while requiring only ~4MB of local storage - Has a negligible impact on battery life - Documentation: https://docs.bugsee.com/ - Fully functional demo: https://www.bugsee.com/demo (no signup required) Hope to hear from you all on how we can improve Bugsee. Thank you! PS: If you’re interested in one (or more) of our stickers — let me know and I’ll ship them to you right away https://twitter.com/BugseeHQ/sta... PPS: If you’re curious about Bugsee’s backstory, here it is https://medium.com/@fishman/my-c...
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@fishmanalex Video capture has been a very helpful feature for diagnosing and managing bug reports. Thanks for building a great product and sharing your insights along the way!
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@mohsin585 Thank you Mohsin. Glad you like it!
@mohsin585 Mohsin. Your feedback was very valuable and helped us build a better product, thank you :)
@finikk Thank you for the kind words, Dmitry!
@fishmanalex I can't wait to try this out! Non-iOS devs have no idea what a pain point remote debugging is. For example, here is our latest crash report from "the other guys": #788 - Foundation - _NSErrnoMessage. And yes, that is the entire message. Video is a game changer, really excited for this.
Bugsee helps you debug your app bugs much faster. It combines bug reports with video to actually show you exactly what your user's experienced in your app. Worth checking out if you have an iOS and/or Android app.
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Looks like a very cool product. Leaves others far behind.
@levglick Thanks for the kind words, Lev! Glad you liked it.
This is a great service. With Twitter selling out Fabric/Crashlytics to the "you are the product, not the customer" Google, it is a great time to re-consider how you are handling your crash reporting.
@spivr Thank you Robert. That's quite a common sentiment. We obviously do not do anything with your data and do not sell it or use it for profit. Period.
Cheers to Alex & team... Interested to try this out. The more visibility we have into users' experiences, the better.
@brendanbeirne Thank you Brendan! Ping me if you have any questions.