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Can confirm, Glitch is friggin awesome. We use it in support engineering at Wistia _all the time_ to prototype things out and reproduce/troubleshoot video embedding issues. (Just one use case, among many).
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@mrdavidjcole that's an awesome use-case! I have to check this out now.
@mrdavidjcole hell of a testimonial! :D
@imvassilis hell of a product tho
Is it just a rename for Gomix ? looks exactly the same
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@victormustar We've re-named to Glitch and improved the community site, see for more details. We have a ton of product developments in the works, so look out for changes soon.
@victormustar It is the same. The advantage of having PH clout is that you can drive traffic to your site whenever the mood strikes you. PH is just a distribution platform for the well-connected.
It all started here. What a nice evolution of Gomix πŸ’ͺ🏼 Can't believe I've been working on similar for quite a while now, there's a definitely a need for "friendly communities" I suppose 😸 Congrats on the launch @anildash et. al. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
@ambonium That's cool - there's definitely room for multiple approaches to solving these problems
@_gw working on a totally different niche though, still feels really nice to know you guys are hustling this ;) #motivation.
Fog Creek on a roll. Congrats @anildash and team! Glitch reminds me of all the early days of coding where I needed to set up my environment, double-check that I installed all the packages correctly, yada yada yada. All just to write "Hello World!".
This is cool, and surprisingly fast. I searched a django repo, forked it, added an endpoint, and then tested my startup's embeddable widget. I can see the utility @mrdavidjcole from Wistia was talking about
@ikirigin nice, glad you found it useful Ivan