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Make iOS and Android apps with just a single JSON

#2 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2016
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Hi guys, Jasonette is a different approach to making apps. Normally, making an app involves writing a program and putting it on the phone. But with Jasonette, you simply write a JSON file hosted on a server, and the Jasonette apps fetch and use it to build themselves on-demand, whenever you open them. Last month I posted the iOS version on Product Hunt and was blown away by all the interest and encouragement. From there it went onto become #1 trending Github project and now it has over 3600 stars, with the community growing quickly everyday. Since the iOS launch, the #1 FAQ has always been “Android?” And today I’m open sourcing the Android version as well. This makes Jasonette fully cross platform, so you can simply write a simple JSON recipe to build fully production apps. Also, the unique approach makes it super easy for ANYONE to make an app, and in minutes instead of days. Please check out the youtube video on the website and you’ll see. This personally is a really huge moment for me because all my past projects have been iOS only, and I’ve always wanted to build Android versions. With this, now I can build fully cross platform apps from day one, and you can too! I would appreciate any feedback, thank you!
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Hey @gliechtenstein I just wanted to say this is a great framework. I will definitely use in my next project. Thanks for open sourcing it I'll try to contribute as mush as I can.
@alexintosh thanks! would appreciate contribution!
Love the idea.. One question though: what about animations? Is there a way to animate stuff? Without fancy animations apps feel so dead🙊
@justawebguy I think that would be nice, fee free to contribute and share your idea on Github. Any contribution is welcome :)
Very cool, we actually deliver dynamic modals to our app using a nearly identical JSON format. Any plans to create a drag and drop webapp/UI to build the JSON? If not I am sure someone else will do it shortly. Could be a huge value for helping non-programmers made pretty decent prototypes.
@ethosventures thanks! Yes there's a discussion thread going on here https://github.com/Jasonette/JAS... The layout part would be easy, but implementing the whole thing is a challenging task since we need to express not just the layout but also all the action bindings and template parsing etc. which when happens would be amazing. Anyway it's def coming, please feel free to join the conversation :)
@gliechtenstein Awesome! I just checked out jasonbase.com and can see it becoming a natural extension to that. I will follow the issue.
@ethan, can you clarify something for me please. Do apps created with Jasonette exist as stand-alone apps, or do the app users require Jasonette to be installed as an host for the JSON file?
@frassmith @ethan Nope it's all yours! :) You use Jasonette to build, package and publish your own app to the app store. That was the whole point of open sourcing it. What's great about this approach is, all you need to do is link up your OWN url with Jasonette which come as Android project and XCode project, build, and then publish to the app store and play store. Here's the iOS repository https://github.com/Jasonette/JAS... and the Android repository https://github.com/Jasonette/JAS... Hope this helps!
@frassmith You can use Jasonette as Beta/Preview/Demo container. Just hand over your self-hosted URI. I would love to see x-callback-url support in Jasonette. Then i would send emails as beta invite.
@llabball @frassmith You can use Jason for this https://jasonette.github.io/docu... That way the only thing the email invitees need to do is download Jason from the appstore and open the url. Also URL scheme is supported https://github.com/Jasonette/JAS...
Congrats on Android!
@mattahorton thanks matt! 👊