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So. Many. Stories
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@bentossell Such. little. time
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@bentossell Such innovation. Much uniqueness.
@bentossell would be interesting if they opened up groups.
@sethlouey or if they opened up their public rooms feature which they have been working on for like 8 months now
I truly believe Facebook can win this war, *if* it integrates the disparate stories across platforms. It's ridiculous to expect me to make one in Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram all at the same time. If they let you choose where they synchronize, it'd be a great way to reach people across the network. I suspect, sadly, that they won't because they'll see that as muddying the pond, but damn it could be cool.
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@ow I'm actually not sure if I agree, because each of these platforms constitutes a community whose members value those walled gardens quite a bit. The best thing Facebook did with Instagram was to not try and merge the two products, but allow for minimal, opt in integration across platforms. Perhaps that's what you're suggesting here, but just wanted to make the distinction clear. I go on Instagram to see content from my Instagram community. I go on WhatsApp to interact with an entirely different group. And that's okay! From Facebook's perspective, that should be fine as well...they own all of these properties, after all.
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@williamwong @ow If there's an option to "Post to" and select the different platforms that's huge for brands and people too, as long as we have control
@16jsdev @williamwong @ow why would or should they do that? They are not a distributor, but a destination.
@delwilliams @williamwong @ow Because they own all platforms, don't you see people posting stuff from snapchat on instagram, why not make it easier for people to easily post on all platforms?
@16jsdev @delwilliams @ow Perhaps, if you take a marketer's perspective on it and want to maximize your reach. But one thing to consider about these online communities (and about the coveted 18-29 demographic or whatever) is that there's a lot of emphasis around authenticity and being true to a particular platform. I can pretty easily detect if a brand has just peppered the same content across a ton of networks using an app like Buffer. There's a tipping point where that goes from something I tolerate about a platform to being a sign that the community has been compromised by brands and/or personalities who are only there to spread a generic message. Take, say, Kim Kardashian, who tweets, snaps, and Instagrams. The content is different on all three platforms. Regardless of whether she's doing that personally or has a social media team dedicated to that, there's an appreciation by individual communities of those platforms for the customization and tailoring of content to each platform's strengths. Yes, there's some overlap in order to promote a cohesive brand, but it would feel really cheap if you were just cross posting spam across multiple networks.
It's weird, like Facebook is having its Google+ moment.
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Introducing Snapchat Stories, by Facebook Messenger:
Honestly, this is starting to get kind of boring.. They should innovate, not just copy. They are facebook, come on! They can come up with something better. If they focused all those energies in building something better than Snapchat, not just copying Snapchat, then they would win.