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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
WOW. This is a big change to Instagram, obviously very Snapchat-inspired (see @caseynewton's article). https://vimeo.com/177180549 Instagram has always been about sharing your "best self" with its highly curated feed of filtered photos. Instagram stories is intended to be frequent and less edited, more of a communication tool. Eager to play around with … See more
Fred Rivett
@fredrivett · One half of @wecontrast
This smacks of Google+ seeing Facebook and being like "we gotta do that".
Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Phuc Kien Nguyen
@phuckiennguyen · Founder, Fonk
I think Instagram decided to jump on this ship now because users are still figuring out Snapchat and managing their network over there. However, on IG their network is pretty much established so IG could benefit from network effects while they still can. Would love to have @mikeyk tell more about this move.