Coralogix 2.0

Machine learning powered log analytics, made for startups

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2017

Coralogix 2.0 is a machine learning powered log analytics platform designed to accelerate the software delivery cycle by contextual automated insights.

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@Nivo0o0, Thanks for hunting us! For startups and mid-size companies, Coralogix is the only proactive log analytics platforms out there, due to its ability to automatically cluster log records back into their patterns and detect proprietary software flows. Coralogix 2.0 is a product of all the feedback and conversations we've gathered from over 60 customers, we've rebuilt our product to not only be the most advanced machine learning powered log analytics platform but also to be the most delightful. *Click the gif to view it in proper quality :)
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@arielassaraf Does your pattern and flow discovery features require predefinitions or changing my logs?
@shexman Hey :) No it doesn't, our algorithm handles log data as is. Simply send us your logs just like you generate them today, in 24 hours we will discover all your log patterns and 72 hours later we will finalize building your flows and start alerting you on flow anomalies. Hope that answers your question.
I would be lost without @coralogix. And the new dashboard makes it so easy! πŸ™ŒGreat work, guys! πŸ’―
@coralogix always a pleasure to serve you @nassaraf :)
@iamredlus always a pleasure to be served!
Great product finally at PH.
@navotvolk Thank you! Make sure you use our promo, it is valid also for existing Customers :)
Thanks @nivo0o0! As the VP of engineering at Coralogix my goal was to take this frustrating world of Log analytics and shed some light on it. Make logging faster, more intuitive, and as a result, help our customers to proactively monitor their system I am excited with the results and the recent feedbacks we got from our customers and I hope you will enjoy Coralogix too.
Great hunt, @Nivo0o0 :) As the Chief Scientist at Coralogix I took the opportunity of us rebuilding the platform to fine tune all our machine learning algorithms based on over 1 petabytes of log records we have analyzed. Coralogix 2.0 now provides insights which are more precise along with new powerful tools for a more proactive approach to production monitoring. I'd be happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions :)
@iamredlus @nivo0o0 @ Awesome job Lior! Just look at this beautiful anomaly: Is there anything prettier than that? well done! @arielassaraf @guykroupp