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An encrypted Snapchat Stories clone

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 20, 2017
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WhatsApp is my go-to messaging app, being in the UK. We've seen this format before - Snapchat, and then instagram. Although this version in particular is pretty much the same as Instagram Stories (obviously, given their parents) I dont know I have time to update every apps story Coverage from TechCrunch h/t @joshconstine I know there is always constant talk about whether Facebook can kill Snapchat and the Instagram Stories clone eating away at users etc. But Snapchat still seem to do an awesome job at putting together content for Stories I can't say I'm shocked Stories is now in Whatsapp Request For Product: App that posts the same story to Instagram, Snapchat & Whatsapp Although I think the point is to literally pick one app and just use that - otherwise, duplicate content πŸ™„
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@bentossell @joshconstine I am trying to figure out the way to actually implement such app to post stories into multiple apps at the same time. Would be super cool πŸ˜€ But I agree with you, that these companies do it to satisfy their already existing users' needs, so that users simply don't switch into another apps. On the other side, I am afraid that all these companies subconsciously raise the bar for any other new platform or service.
@bentossell @joshconstine There have been plans for Stories to be available across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp as long as you follow the same people or have them in your friends list. Post in one, get it displayed in all apps.
@bentossell Hi! Now you can check our app FastChat :) Hope it will be good for you!
On a serious note, I wonder if WhatsApp gives FB a whole new channel for a new advertising model. The whole spray and pray on your normal FB is great, but like Google is getting old and boring, so will Facebook. With WhatsApp, they can now tell advertisers: "hey, we don't really know what's going on inside these encrypted channels, but we can help you ID the users in a brand new way, it just costs 10X your normal ad rates, but it is also 100X more useful. Want to try?"
Encrypted is the new _________ ? (caption contest)
@tduarte perhaps. but to be honest, I love that FB is copying Snap like nobody's business. Instagram Stories are awesome. I use them maybe once a week, but I actually do. Meanwhile, Snap was this ugly UI clusterfuck that I could never care to figure out. So yeah, they were "Original" but they failed to address users like me, and cloning is the result.
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@kirillzubovsky @tduarte lol I love it!! hahaha
@kirillzubovsky @tduarte Apparently, we're not Snap's target audience. Young people supposedly love the navigation (or at least understand it). Still wondering how they'll get to $22B with <25 yo approach.
@kirillzubovsky @tduarte Can't speak for you, but I had the same experience but largely down to their complete lack of interest in the Android app. Until last year they weren't even bothering to use the Android Camera API causing it to pretty much crash every time you opened.
I wonder how people are going to decide where to post a story now Snap, Instagram, Whatsapp, soon Facebook. ..
@benln we've been here before. Sheesh. Next up we'll need aggregators to deal with this until the next medium comes along... except this time there are no APIs. ☹️
@chrismessina Buffer for Stories πŸ”₯
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@benln @chrismessina ha that was my request above basically
@benln @chrismessina haha! that would be a great solution
@bentossell @benln @chrismessina yeah, I don't want open 5 platforms to watch stories for the same person. Once Buffer for Stories is out, I won't be a happy camper watching repeated stories.
Many people are missing the point that whatsapp is 5-6x larger than SnapChat and many people find whatsapp far more easier to use. If Whatsapp does a decent job of making this simple to understand it and consume it, this will catch on quick esp. considering most of my friends are on whatsapp (30+yr olds, non-US)
@nash But Instagram and SC are apps designed for you to go on and browse, so the idea of disappearing photos that you can view while browsing makes sense. WhatsApp has a specific function - chat - and most people won't interact with the app unless to do something specific. For the Stories feature to work it needs the way people use and interact with the app to change.
@dr_motley @nash He did mention a key point " If Whatsapp does a decent job of making this simple to understand it and consume it, this will catch on quick "
@otymartin @dr_motley @nash I disagree. I definitely do not want the majority of my Whatsapp contacts (family, colleagues etc) to see what I post on my Snapchat and I'm thankful for the fact that many of them don't have Snapchat. I'm sure this is true of most people who use the platform and is possibly Snapchat's biggest advantage.