Algolia Places

Intelligent address autocomplete for any <input>

Algolia Places provides a fast, distributed and easy way to use address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website. It has been designed to improve the user experience of your HTML forms.

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Hey hunters! As you may know, we love to experiment with our API and build new community services. We're super excited today to introduce Algolia Places, making it easy for developers to turn any HTML ‹input› into an autocomplete! We were able to build it thanks to the awesomeness of OpenStreetMap and Geonames. Compared to Google Places, it is highly customizable and can be enriched with additional data sources. Check out the blog post ( or directly try it for yourself!
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@dessaigne Can you elaborate on differences and use cases compared to google places?
@evanlodge @dessaigne Our current focus is all about UX: we want Algolia Places to be easily extended and customizable to be deeply integrated in your apps. For instance. you can mix your own data & Places' suggestions in a single dropdown menu: You can also use it to auto-fill your boring forms: The underlying data is not yet at the level of what Google provides, but we're leveraging the progress that OpenStreetMap & GeoNames are making every day!
@evanlodge the picture might be bigger… let's just wait the moment when it'd be asked to algolia to elaborate on use cases compared to firebase (or likes)
@dessaigne Awesome - what's the pricing for this? Or is it free?
@mscccc @dessaigne It's free up to 1,000 request per ip or HTTP referer; and we're still working on what could be a fair pricing for higher usage
This is amazing. I remember building an ad-hoc service in 2011 by patching multiple libraries and APIs, and it took us weeks to get it right. This is so useful to reduce friction in shopping carts or signup forms!
This is great! Algolia Community is a huge example of the amount of value a startup can create on top of their product.
Fantastic. Great job Team Algolia :)
Incredible work as always by the team @algolia @dessaigne love it!