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January 17th, 2019

And the Golden Kitty Award Winners are...πŸ†

The 4th annual Golden Kitty Awards have come to an end. You nominated 12,000 products across 22 categories, casting tens of thousands of upvotes to select the winners.

So without further ado, here are the 2018 Golden Kitty winners in each of the 22 product categories.

🌟 Product of the Year: Tik Tok

πŸ“± Mobile App of the Year: Shortcuts

πŸ›  Hardware Product of the Year: Apple Watch Series 4

😎 AR Product of the Year: Wanna Nails

🌍 Social Impact Product of the Year: Matter

🏑 Smart Home Product of the Year: Google Home Hub

🌚 Side Project Product of the Year: MacBook Alarm

πŸ” Privacy Focused Product of the Year: by Cloudflare

🐈 Made with the ProductHunt API:

⚑ ️Lifehack Product of the Year: History Search

πŸ’ͺ Health & Fitness Product of the Year: RocketBody

πŸ“š Founder Book of the Year: MAKE Book

πŸ’° Fintech Product of the Year: BUY ME A COFFEE

🌈 Diversity Product of the Year: Diversify Tech

πŸ€– AI & Machine Learning Product of the Year: OneSoil Map

πŸ”‰ Audio & Voice Product of the Year: Krisp

β›“ Crypto Product of the Year: Coinbase Wallet

πŸ–‹ Design Tool of the Year: Draftium

πŸ–₯ Dev Tool of the Year: Prettier

πŸ™€ WTF Product of the Year: Die With Me

Check out the winners, runner ups and honorable mentions in all 22 categories here. We also gave out two data-driven (non-voting) awards for Community Member of the Year and Maker of the Year.

Congrats to all makers for building awesome things in 2018. 😺

All the winners

β€œA clever way to turn a cost center to a profit center for Square”

Yesterday Square launched a new debit card that will let small businesses withdraw and spend the money they’re bringing in through Square payments. Why it's a big deal: It will help small business owners easily access cash that's already in their Square account. πŸ’³

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