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Fields and crops detected by machines πŸ€–

Meet the first interactive map that allows you to get agricultural insights about EU and US fields and crops. OneSoil machine learning algorithms have processed three years of data to make it simple and accessible to farmers, advisers, researchers, students, and curious minds.

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Hi Chris πŸ‘‹, Thank you for hunting OneSoil Map! I'm Sasha, head of product and co-founder. At OneSoil, we develop a free-for-all precision farming platform that allows farmers making their businesses more sustainable and smart. OneSoil Map brings insights about local and global trends in crop production. It helps to predict market performance in the US and EU at all levels and fosters smart decision making. One can zoom in to a single field and zoom out to country level to explore and compare fields and crops. And we're not stopping here. OneSoil map will present data on South America and Australia in 2019. It took us 3 years to collect all these valuable data and 6 months to create this map. Now we have around 60 million fields and more than 20 types of crops detected. If one person had to do it manually, it would take around 90 years. Our map has been built with @mapbox GL JS (@ericg 🀘), a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tiles and Mapbox styles. The map has also a light mobile version so that anyone has access to it anywhere they are. Let us know what you think! We'd appreciate your feedback & support. A very special shout-out goes to our team @mazai @alexanderkalinovsky @ivan_uvarov @veronika_lindorenko
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This is very cool, how did you get such accurate geometry for the fields? was that machine learning based on Satellite imagery? I made this Trade-War Global Index Map as a class project. I'd like to put in more granular detail on key commodities... @mapbox @ericg @mazai @alexanderkalinovsky @ivan_uvarov @veronika_lindorenko @sasha_yakovlev

I hope there will be more countries and data available soon. I can see this map being very valuable source of information for all agriculture sector players.


It's very easy to navigate through data and countries.


I couldn't really find any.

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Hey @anya_pozniak, we're glad you could easily understand the app functionality. That's what we expected from our map πŸ˜ƒ Yeah, OneSoil Map reveals new insights about local and global trends in crop production. Everyone can use it for free. We're going to open the map for other countries next year. Stay tuned πŸ™Œ

All field in Europe and USA it is really cool. I spend few hour looking on fields


Free, quickly, beautiful


I can't find

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Hi @usevalad_henin, Thank you for a good review! Have you seen our collection of random beautiful maps?
Wow, so much usefulness for free! Great product. Considering to become a farmer πŸ™ƒ Guys, where do I start?
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@alexander_nevedovsky I think you can start by choosing the field where you want to start your farm :) like this
Hey @alexander_nevedovsky, Thanks for your kind words! We tried to do our best. Becoming a farmer is a nice idea ;) Now you have everything to start your farming business! To do it, please follow this link: It's our web app where you can monitor fields, check the weather for them, calculate the precise amount of fertilizers necessary for your field zones, and also add notes about problem zones. We also have an easy-to-use Android app:, it's better for scouting fields. Feel free to ask any questions here. Here's our blog where you can find more information about OneSoil team and our apps:
This is the first true consumer scale/grade project involving machine learning I've seen (that is actually helpful) ! Really great idea and project, keep it up !
@jukefr Thanks a lot, Kevin!