Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favourite apps. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own.

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Is this the result of the Workflow acquisition from last year? cc @arix Glad to see Apple investing in Siri (and broadly, voice tech). 2019 is going to be the year of voice.
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@arix @rrhoover Yes it is. I had Workflow installed and today it showed up as Shortcuts (perhaps server side update)
@rrhoover it is! My brother used to work at Workflow/Apple and just published a great video explaining the different aspects of Shortcuts
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@arix @rrhoover @chandism It is actually Workflow‘s update.
Ive been on the Beta for a couple of weeks now... it still only works 50% of the time. Lets see if this app gets any better. While I think this is a great step towards training Siri to do tasks, the real issue still is in Siri's ability to understand what Im saying, which she rarely does.
I have really high hopes for this! I believe that Apple Shortcuts will be the next "Alexa Skills" for mobile that all power users will start and sharing with their friends over next year, and most big 3rd party apps will need to start supporting to unlock cool hidden shortcuts to automate specific routines. Shockingly, the Shortcuts app doesn't come preinstalled with iOS 12. You'll need to go to the App Store to download as it replaces the acquired Workflow app via an update.
Just some thoughts, I don't see why Siri couldn't replace Amazon Echo or Google Home. Are there any advantages to get Echo or Google Home?
@roy_wong I think siri is quite behind in their machine learning. Siri still bad predicting/ understanding english in different accent while google is quite good at it.
congrats to our local kings @arix && conrad ✨