Apple Watch Series 4

The most powerful and advanced smart watch yet

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I've held off buying an Apple Watch. None of the health/fitness features are compelling for me (although I see the appeal for others) and it's probably better that I don't have more convenient access to notifications (lol). What's everyone's thought on this next version? And for those that have an Apple Watch, what's the killer app or use case you've found useful?
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@rrhoover I really like the EKG feature... That's the most major thing I see. Having this as a health device is becoming increasingly compelling
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@rrhoover I’m just waiting for the day Apple releases a circular Apple Watch.
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@rrhoover personally the killer feature for me is that it will unlock my laptop. So whenever I have my watch on, I just open my laptop and it unlocks. If I lock it and walk away, if anyone tries to wake it up, it will ask for a password.
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@rrhoover I love my Apple Watch, but looking for a killer app is the wrong approach. It's lots of little features and apps that make it helpful, including: - silent alarm that doesn't wake my wife, but helps me get up early - Cheatsheet, the app that add a complication with names of people I'm meeting or codes to the restroom - looking at my watch and seeing upcoming meetings - the ability to put my phone out of reach so I don't get distracted, but still be connected for urgent things - Siri, I use it all the time - JustPressRecord, a simple app that starts recording when I have a thought while running (or when my kid tells me his dream in the morning) - Sleep tracking - The Drafts app, which automatically turns my words into text that I can grab on my phone and other devices
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@rrhoover I really wanted an Android Wear watch that matched Apple's performance & features. The combo of battery life, compatibility with iOS, a reliable heart sensor, LTE and consistency in design did it for me. Still waiting, Google. #PixelWatch That said, my top 5: Most-used features: 1. iMessage/FB Messenger/Email/Telegram 2. Sleep/Fitness/Activity tracking 3. Apple Pay 4. Quick glances at & dismissing phone notifications 5. Controlling audio (Pocket Casts, YouTube) 3rd party apps: 1. Sleep Cycle 2. Auto Sleep 3. Strava 4. Dark Sky 5. Last Pass
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I love my Series 2 and I may just consider upgrading to the Series 4 for its larger screen and EKG feature. But, jeez, I hate that marketing image with complication overload, it seems so un-Apple to me. It's almost putting me off until I've been to the store and seen how the simpler faces look on the bigger screen.
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This was Apple Watch's year. The physical design updates on the 4, though subtle, are much sleeker. It looks less square/blocky now. Lots of sports and fitness updates which is cool. Although not as sexy as big updates you see on the iPhone. Would love to see more features that help you interact with the world around you like Apple Pay.
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It is a great device for sure. I'm avoiding it because I really don't want yet another screen to look at hours per day.


Bigger screen with smaller edges


Expensive; mostly useful with you practice sports

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it is very cool product