Turbo prototyping tool for websites ๐Ÿš€

Draftium is a turbo prototyping tool which helps you to build a website structure in a few minutes with ready-made blocks.

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Hello, PH world. We've done 500+ websites for our customers during the last 6 months and realized that the main challenge is not to develop the website for a customer but to collect the content and synchronize the vision together. We started to look at many prototyping tools and found that all of them operate with elements and it takes hours and hours to complete the prototype for a client - it doesn't work us internally. So we've had to build our own turbo solution. This is how Draftium was born. Now, we've decided to release it as a free tool for other developers, studios and marketers to improve their process internally and externally. We see the future of the tool as one single place for ideating with the customer and collecting all digital assets from him and the feedback too. Hope you guys will enjoy the product and provide a valuable feedback. All ProductHunters get 75% off the Pro plan with promo code: PRODUCTHUNTER
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@david_braun when will the promo end ?
@imknight it ends January 1
@david_braun Firstly, I love the tool. Working with it, I didn't find an option to put a looping background video (typically home/landing page); and then to overlay words on top of that video. The Calls to Action are all 2-step processes: that is, the user enters hir name and phone; User requests a demo and gets a thank you. ......... So, what about an option that allows for a series of questions, each connecting to the next, with a progress bar at the top? The maker/customer decides how long the series should be and has an END/Thank you option to end the series. Allowing for an image to be uploaded into the footer would also be useful. So, I sound like I'm at a smorgasbord! sorry. .... But, it's in Beta ... so I thought I'd add my 2cents worth ๐Ÿ˜‰
@esinger Thanks Emme. Background video is on the way. Form wizard is in roadmap. Images in footer - good idea
@david_braun CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ๐Ÿ–‹ Design Tool of the Year: Draftium !!!! WELL DONE GUYS, you have worked HARD and certainly deserve it :-)
People ask me on Fb is this a tool for lo-fi or hi-fi prototypes? The truth is: you can make both on Draftium. Create a draft structure from simple blocks in a few minutes and you are done with lo-fi mockup to discuss the concept. Add real texts, images, interactions and animations and it will be hard to tell whether it's a prototype or a live website. See examples below: Lo-fi: http://usejoylofi.draftium.site/ Hi-fi: https://usejoy.draftium.site/
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@eugene_polev So, there are issues/bugs ... been using product all week as a vision communication tool. 1)Sometimes "preview" and "comment" show the mockup; sometimes they don't. .... 2)Sometimes an element saves to the intended page AND saves to other UNintended pages at the same time, creating some confusion. 3)Sometimes people using the link to a prototype get really weird unintended effects in their version, like element duplications sitting on top of each other, creating a "double-vision" effect; or complete unintended repetitions of elements one after the other. So this is a great product and absolutely useful. BUT please work on these issues or it will defeat the purpose as a team-collaboration/visioning tool.
@eugene_polev they sent me screenshots of their weird versions.
@esinger Thanks a lot for your feedback. Wrote you in PM to have a deeper understanding of the issue.

I have been testing alpha version of Draftium before the launch and must admit it has greatly simplified my work. So when I need to create a landing page, I make a quick wireframe (with copy) in Draftium and pass it on to UX designers. They already see what I want to get as a result and so we spend less time on numerous iterations.


Clean and simple UI, saves a lot of time


Would like to have a greater choice of blocks but I think they'll do that

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Great point, Stas. Copywriters like Draftium because they know exactly how much text should be published.
Why would you choose Draftium over LeadPages or similar?
Finally someone thought of prototyping tool for complete non-designers like me. Thanks guys!! What features does Pro plan has? Is the free plan limited in terms of projects or time?
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@eugine_dychko Iโ€™ve got your pain. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When our team shared Draftium concept, my thoughts were the same. Because Iโ€™d tired to draw the moqups for designers on paper or in Power Point. You can use Draftium for free and you are able here to create up to 3 prototypes and use free library of ready-made templates. You can work with free plan forever if you feel that those options are enough for you. Pro plan allows you to create unlimited amount of prototypes and use extended library of templates (there are more than 300 up to date), removes branding, and provides you with priority support. BTW: Check Davidโ€™s message above - today for PH community PRO acc is super available :)

Awesome tool for marketers and those who just want to build trendy website within few hours.

Made a prototypes of my company's landing pages.


Handy tool


I believe it doesn't have any cons.

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Thank you for your comments, Olesya. Hope you will love being with us๐Ÿ™Œ