Google Home Hub is a smart device with voice-controls for your home. View your calendar, listen to music, get cooking instructions, and much more.

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Feature Request: Hey Google! Auction my data. Find the best buyer for my data.
Yesterday Facebook announced their first smart home device, Portal. Google scooped them on the pricing, selling the Google Home Hub for $149.99 vs. Portal's $199.99 sticker price. I have a Google Home, their first generation smart home device, and find it super useful. I'm uncertain how useful the Home Hub's screen will be, although it may help tremendously with discovery of new apps and voice-controlled services. I'll buy one and report back.
I have a Lenovo smart display that I grabbed at bestbuy during a trip to Ohio and I like having it. I didn't understand why it has a camera so happy to see it removed here, video chat is something I neither enjoy or wish to enjoy - a voice-only call always seems to suffice. That said, there was some key functionality missing which I hope with this release will be patched/updated on the Lenovo. Right now the display cannot be placed in an audio group with other google homes/chromecast audio devices which was an unwelcome surprise. Lenovo said that it was actually Google being slow to add compatibility so I hope with this announcement they fixed the oversight before these ship. edit: Also adding very upset to see these not shipping to Canada. Come on guys, we're so close it should be a must to figure out how to ship new products to us on launch. This is how entire territories get lost. When you're selling pieces of an ecosystem the availability of this versus an Echo spot means the difference between an Amazon and Google household.
An old iPad or Android tablet and a stand would go for a third of the price and would offer that plus all other functionalities. I have a Google Home and it’s useful, but in hindsight the above would’ve been a load better.
I'll stick with my Alexa 😉