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With History Search you’ll be able to retrieve articles, open online documents, find emails or any other webpage using a phrase, comment or topic you remember.

✅ Available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari

❤️ Use PRODUCTHUNT25 for a 25% discount (valid Today and Tomorrow).

  • Pros: 

    History Search often works better than searching services themselves because all the content in History Search is relevant to me alone.


    There’s not mobile app yet, but as I’ve heard a mobile responsive web search is on its way.

    Over the past year I’ve seen History Search develop very quickly. I know Martijn and he’s very motivated to make this services the best it can possibly be.

    Ruslan has used this product for one year.
  • Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things.

    Makes me WAY more efficient - I don't waste time trying to organize things in my browser or looking through the hundreds of pages I've saved



    History Search has done wonders for my productivity - for example I read a lot of articles and find useful information in them but I never stay organized enough to be able to retrieve that information later on when I need it. It's really helped a lot with my organization and has made my life way easier.

    Pavan Sethi has used this product for one month.
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Martijn Verbove
Martijn VerboveMakerPro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
Hi Hunters! I’m Martijn, one of the makers of History Search. Many of us visit thousands of webpages every month; to work on documents, send emails, read articles, attend team meetings, and for everything else really. However, we’ve totally accepted that the best way to keep track of 1000s of webpages is to bookmark them one at a time. That’s why we thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could find anything you did online, the same way you can use keywords to find a document on your computer? After 3 years of hard-work and 1 year of beta testing we are ready to introduce History Search; the missing filesystem for the web. What History Search does, is index text on webpages while you browse, and it does this automatically, without requiring any additional efforts. This way you’ll be able to find anything you did online using your own words. ✅ Use anything you remember to find back articles, documents, or any other webpage ✅ Quickly find all information you saw about a specific topic ✅ Use visual previews to recognise products, documents or other webpages ✅ Export data to CSV to use and analyse it as you wish ✅ Encrypted cloud storage and synchronisation across all your browsers & devices ✅ Available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari Our first goal was to create a new technology that will work across practically every service on the web. During the next stages we will introduce ways for people to collaborate, and to make navigating back to information online even easier. 🔒We take security very seriously learn more about it on Get History Search for free now and help us revolutionise the way we work online! 😻🙏 -------- Fun Facts ⏳We started working on History Search back in 2015 🔬History Search has been tested in public-beta for an entire year ❤️There are currently over 3500 weekly active beta users 💫Last month we broke a million searches 😱History Search is among the first 100 companies to publish a browser extension in the Microsoft Store for Edge 🤙Attending Websummit 2018? We’d be very happy to meet anyone there so feel free to schedule a meeting with me here: -------- Offer History Search will allow anyone to search the 3000 most recently visited webpages for free, but to search older records an upgrade is required—just like Slack. More storage starts at 3.99 a/month. Finally, besides the free version that is available to everyone, we also have a special offer for Product Hunters. Today and tomorrow the annual subscription will available at a 25% discount off for the first year, with: PRODUCTHUNT25 (valid Today and Tomorrow).
Radoslav Stankov
Radoslav StankovPro@rstankov · Tech @ Product Hunt
Martijn Verbove
Martijn VerboveMakerPro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
Maikel Markx
Maikel Markx@maikel_markx · Crowdfunding Hacker at Symbid
Great stuff. Any plans on an Alfred integration? That would make it extremely valuable.
Martijn Verbove
Martijn VerboveMakerPro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
@maikel_markx Very good suggestion, we'll look into it. Oh I just see you're working at Symbid! Also a Rotterdam based comp!
Alejandro DeLaTorre
Alejandro DeLaTorre@bitentrepreneur
Very much enjoying this app!
Martijn Verbove
Martijn VerboveMakerPro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
@bitentrepreneur Glad to hear that!! 🙌
Tisha M
Tisha M@tisha_m
I have been using history search for a couple of weeks now! It seems like a simple search tool in the beginning but it is really quite a powerful search tool. It saves a lot of effort and time especially when you end up searching for the same things again and again, by letting you search through the web pages relevant to you. It specifically helps me with: 1. Checking relevant solutions that I have found useful before for same coding error messages. 2. Really helpful for finding content for research for uni projects. Keep up the good work! :)
Martijn Verbove
Martijn VerboveMakerPro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
@tisha_m Hey Tisha!! I'm very glad to hear that 💫. This is was exactly our goal while working on History Search. Thank you for sharing you use-cases😻, please keep sharing them with me in the future—it would very helpful for use while implementing new ideas.
Paige Vecchitto
Paige Vecchitto@pvecchitto
It sounds FANTASTIC! However, will it be available for phone use? I do most of my research and searching when I’m out and in between appointments instead of so much on my work computer! I really hope so cause it would REALLY be helpful!
Martijn Verbove
Martijn VerboveMakerPro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
@pvecchitto Hahah Fantastic sounds good 😌 haha thanks! 😻. We will definitely try to cover mobile as soon as we can, although there are certain restrictions atm, because mobile browser extensions are only just beginning. But we're on it 💪