Product Hunt Weekly Digest
August 26th, 2018

"This is EVERYTHING." 😂
"Omg... I can use OG Paint again!" –Dani Olympi

"This is a flash from the past. Reminds me of the days of sitting in the laundry room playing computer games on our family PC." –Gabriel Lewis

You can now run Windows 95 on your Mac, PC, or Linux. It's exactly how you remember it, complete with Wordpad, MS Paint, and Minesweeper.

From the maker, Felix Rieseberg: "This only works by accident and was mostly a joke. I myself am surprised at how well this worked." 😂

Nostalgia is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. It’s one of the reasons for Pokemon GO’s massive success and why Netflix’s retro show, Stranger Things, was so well-received by 80’s babies.

So, we went back in time on Product Hunt to pull out some of our favorite nostalgic products:

👾 The Internet Arcade 900+ classic arcade games (no quarters required)
💻 Cathode is the vintage terminal you've always wanted
📺 My 90's TV lets you relive TV shows from your childhood
🎶 The Nostalgia Machine plays your favorite tunes by year
🔊 Endangered Sounds Museum plays nostalgic sounds from the past
👌 The Restart Page is Geek nostalgia at its finest
🐶 Hatchi is a virtual Tamagochi-like pet to take care of
📱 Great Apps Timeline shows how today's great apps evolved over time

Lastly, the Time Machine lets you jump back in time and re-discover the best products on Product Hunt. 🙂
Best of Product Hunt
Y Combinator is the most competitive startup accelerator. Thousands of teams apply every batch. Less than 1% get in.

YC's two-part Demo Day wrapped up last week. Over 100 founders took to the stage, pitching a room packed with investors and journalists at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

We’ve put together a collection of some of the most compelling startups in Y Combinator’s Summer 2018 batch, from wild AR apps to genetically-engineered hangover cures:

💅 INKHUNTER lets you test tattoos in Augmented Reality, then book an appointment directly in the app.

👙 EVA is a bra that detects breast cancer indicators.

🙏 Goodly, MentalHappy, and Kinside let companies offer non-traditional benefits like student loan repayment, custom care packages for tough times, and child care benefits to their employees.

😋 The Buttermilk Company lets you make fresh Indian food in under 5 minutes, delivered to your front door.

🤳 #ME is a new virtual world. It's like a new version of Second Life or a real version of The Oasis from Ready Player One.

🚗 Grabb-It puts ads directly in your Uber's windows. We just did a deep-dive into the wave of startups built to help Uber drivers earn more.

🛴 Grin is a new decentralized scooter company out of Latin America.

🍺 ZBiotics is genetically engineered to prevent hangovers. Similar to Morning Recovery, which was founded by an ex-Tesla engineer last year.

Check out the full collection of YC's Summer '18 launches. 🚀
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