A new virtual self platform on mobile

Join the world’s largest avatar community, with millions of user-generated avatars and environments. Every day, people log in to #ME to create rooms and games, style their avatars and keep in touch across #ME’s many social features.

"The #1 virtual self platform"... Is the competition that fierce? 🤔
I played with this back when it was named High Rise. I'm fascinated by the future of digital communication, specifically how we and future generations will express themselves and create new personas through avatars (related blog post). But its hard for me to tell if this is another long-standing social network or a short-lived game. Curious to hear what you've learned over the months building #me, @antonber.
Not available for Ukraine ☹️
Not available in ZA
Love what Anton & team are building :) Looking forward to try out the new app!