The future of transportation in Latin America 🛴🇲🇽

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Grin is a network of shared electric scooters in Latin America. Grin brings the rental scooter solution to a region that is filled with densely populated cities that have heavy traffic problems.

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Hans-Christian Höpcke
Hans-Christian Höpcke@hanswashere · Head of Growth at FixMyCity
More scooters? Why not. There are so many more cities where you could place them. I think it is to the benefit of a city if people use those instead of a car to go to the next bakery.
I live in Mexico City and it's very untrue that you could go on a scooter anywhere since the city is a chaotic mess of cars in traffic all day long.
Michael Leung
Michael Leung@michael_leung
How many more scooter companies does this world need?