The Buttermilk Company helps you make authentic, fresh Indian meals in 5 minutes by just adding hot water! Our products are vegan, preservative free, and non-GMO.

We've changed a lot in the last 4 months! Most exciting: four new dishes, new packaging to include nutrition facts + spice levels, double the portions in each packet, and subscriptions!

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I'm loving my various buttermilk orders. The Upma is my favorite and the khichdi is slowly catching up too. I cannot wait for more home food to be available :)


Variety, Taste, Packaging



Hi PH! I'm super excited to relaunch Buttermilk here + share all of our exciting updates with you. First things first, we're offering a special 15% discount on all first orders of $30+ with the code 'PHBUTTERMILK15' ( We've made some pretty significant changes while keeping the core value of our product the same: help people feel at home wherever they are. Since we crowdsource our recipes from real people in the community, rest assured that our food is 100% authentic + will always give you that home-cooked taste. Most importantly, we've listened to our customers and delivered: - Double the portion sizes in each packet for the same price. - Variety! We introduced Chana Masala, Coconut Chutney, Quinoa, and Brown Rice last month, and have 8 more recipes in the pipeline. - Subscriptions to your favorite dishes (no minimums) for every 1-4 weeks. All subscriptions get 10% off and free shipping on every delivery. - New packaging that highlights nutrition facts and spice levels. - Recommended packs to help you decide what to get based on your preferences + lifestyle In other exciting company news, we were accepted into Y Combinator's S18 batch this past May! It's been a crazy fun summer + I can't believe it's almost coming to a close already. We have more exciting things coming up soon, so thank you for being a part of the Buttermilk journey!
@mitraraman What bout delivery outside US? Russia eg?
@graciasterminator unfortunately not at the moment! Hopefully soon :)
@mitraraman Hey Mitra, it looks like you meant to put 'PHBUTTERMILK15' instead of 'PHBUTTERMILK5', just wanted it to give you the heads up. I'm putting in my first order for the Buttermilk Suite #2 right now! :)
@alexabdo1 OMG you're right!! Thank you for pointing that out, just updated!!!
@mitraraman No problem! Also another thing I noticed: when I use the 15% off, it negates the Free Shipping on my order for the Buttermilk Suite #2 and actually ends up costing more than not using the discount at all ($5.70 saved with discount, but $5.95 shipping)
I cannot wait to try the new recipes added this month! Looking forward to using the discount code ^_^
@alexandrabotez Thank you so much!!

This was my first attempt to cook/try Indian cuisine -- pretty good experience.


Awesome packing, taste and customer service


For non Indian a bit too spicy

Looks amazing, congrats! Just ordered my high protein pack 💪 Can't wait!
@darynakulya thank you!! Can't wait for your feedback.