Morning Recovery is a breakthrough, take-anywhere, liver-boosting supplement engineered to help you bounce back after a night of drinking. Now you can do more tomorrow without sacrificing tonight.

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Thanks for the love, Ameet! Hi everyone, Morning Recovery is a side project born out of our frustration for rough mornings after a night of celebration. I’ve been a pm at uber/fb/tesla, and balancing productive work with social life became challenging. So I made a trip to Korea, where it leads the world in alcohol consumption per capita, to develop the formula behind Morning Recovery. It contains all-natural ingredients that fight off the root causes rough mornings, including acetaldehyde buildup, glutamine rebound, inflammation, and electrolyte imbalance. More info on how it works: https://www.morningrecoverydrink... We’re now giving out free samples to collect feedback as we wrap up r&d. If you’d like to try one, please sign up on the website. We think you’ll love it! And we'd love your honest feedback! Sisun
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@sisunlee Do you deliver to the UK? Any idea about pricing in the long run? Would love to try this.
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@sisunlee You seem to have nailed down the research bit. I'll be sure to get my hands on these cause my hangovers hit pretty hard.
@ramykhuffash Hey Ramy - Unfortunately we don't ship samples outside of the US yet. But we'll enable international purchase in June, along with discount for the PH fam!
Hi everyone, thank you so much for the love! We maxed out our sample giveaways at 200. My fault for not calling out our limited supply in my original post above. I did not expect such high volume/interest. We will send out an email to everyone on the waitlist. We plan to have another batch of samples arriving in May. We also plan to sell internationally in June, and will be sure to provide discount codes for the PH fam!
@sisunlee Is the Taurine ingredient in your drink vegan friendly?
Don't fix hangovers, fix alcohol in startups :)
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@wilhempujar the true character of a man is revealed in his drunken behaviour
@wilhempujar < strike >in startups< /strike >
Your boy doesn't even drink (#MuslimProblems) but I'm amazed by the "scratch your own itch" source of this idea and the science behind your proposed formulation's metabolism. Great landing page design, concept, and the free samples are bound to make this an instant sold out smash hit! Kudos @sisunlee!
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@sfali789 thanks for the love!
@sisunlee @sfali789 same boat here (#FitnessProblems), and I'll be recommending this to friends to get their feedback!
I don't drink, but Hangover Drink looks like cool present to many my startup friends :)
Ibuprofen, aspirin and dehydration powder. Once before you pass out, and once before you wake up. Followed by a Full English breakfast. Sorted.
@marccrouch the only problem with this is taking it before I wake up meaning I'll have to have someone give it to me while asleep? ;)
@magnusburton @marccrouch and how english does an english breakfast have to be? I'm all the way in Australia, plenty of Irish around of late... does Vegemite on toast with Guinness count? 😉