Genetically engineered to prevent alcohol's next-day effects

ZBiotics is the world's 1st genetically engineered probiotic. Ever.

We're a team of PhD microbiologists. We've spent 2 years engineering a probiotic to break down the toxic byproduct of alcohol (acetaldehyde) that causes the worst next-day effects of drinking.

Not just vitamins in a bottle. Real, hard science.

  • imogen
    imogendesign+dev @ super secret things

    probably works


    completely unnecessary

    you know you can just get an americano made with coconut water instead of normal water and it works perfectly and only costs you like $5

    imogen has never used this product.
  • Duarte Martins
    Duarte MartinsFounder, thenoocoffee.com

    Looks safe, very practical, and solves a real issue


    Only ships to the USA

    While I would definitely see myself using this I would need them to ship to the EEA, I hope they do so soon.

    Duarte Martins has never used this product.
I was in the same YC class with @zack_abbott and got to try out this product early on (human guinea pig!). I found this product worked consistently for me in a series of 6 blind tests, and in other occasions where I've used the product. While I do tend to use other products like DHM and Vitamin B Complex (and other neonatals), ZBiotics is bioengineered to break down acetaldehyde, so it takes a different pathway to address a cause of hangovers. Anyway, in my experience I found ZBiotics to do what it claims to do — which is narrowly to reduce the likely day-after effects of drinking. Eager to see how the crowdfunding campaign goes!
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@zack_abbott Looking for something like that for ever :) Can you ship to Switzerland?
@zengerm unfortunately we're still working through EU regulatory requirements, so we can only ship in the US. I wish we could get some out for you to try, I'm sorry! But we're working on Europe, so I'll let you know as soon as we can ship there!
No shipping to U.K. :(
@javerbode Yeah come on guys, we'd be your biggest market. We drink like we don't want to live anymore.
@javerbode @purplejamesproc haha so true! And we're working on it! Unfortunately the U.K. has its own set of regulations, so we're still trying figure our best path forward to get it into your hands... Definitely a priority for us!
The fact that you technically made this possible is great. And you can probably use it, or something similar, for a lot of good causes. However, don't you think you're making alcohol abuse worse? Isn't the obvious solution to drink less? It's not making drinking alcohol any healthier is it?
@lucawater Thanks for the thoughts! Actually, what we've interestingly found is that people end up being more mindful about their drinking, not less, after taking ZBiotics. Our product is not meant as a way to do whatever you want and not suffer the consequences. We encourage responsible drinking practices, like drinking in moderation, not drinking on an empty stomach, and staying hydrated. And ZBiotics fits into that behavior. Our product is meant to break down acetaldehyde, which you are exposed to when you drink, even in moderation. It's just meant to be one more way in which you can drink responsibly. And people tell us that when they take our product at the beginning of a night, they end up being more mindful about the alcohol they are consuming and the behaviors they can do to help their next morning in addition to taking ZBiotics. Generally speaking, hangovers are not the one thin thread of discouragement standing between humanity and rampant alcoholism. People are usually capable of making responsible decisions, and we just want to be one part of that.