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January 13th, 2021

$140M for no-code
Yesterday, Webflow announced it had raised a $140M series B funding round, led by Accel and Silversmith.

Webflow first launched on Product Hunt 7 years ago achieving ~800 upvotes. The top comment on the page asserting: "This looks like it beats all other products in this space." - Artur.

Cofounders Vlad, Bryant and Sergie have been on a wild journey since then, with the Product Hunt community following closely along. Subsequent launches have included Webflow Ecommerce, Webflow Interactions, and Webflow University, achieving thousands of community upvotes.

The no-code/low-code movement has been on its own wild ride during this time with tons of new products entering the space and big tech getting in on the action. We talked about Google and Amazon entering the race in more detail last year.

We've even hosted our own no-code festivals. Let us know if you'd like us to host another in 2021!

For the first time last year, no-code had it's own category in the Golden Kitty Awards with Makerpad taking first place (Webflow Ecommerce came in third). Don't forget to nominate your favorite no-code tool launched in 2020, for its chance to win the category in this years Golden Kitty Awards.
More No-code tools please
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Don't forget to register to attend our first-ever Virtual Awards Ceremony with host Casey Newton and special guests.

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