Webflow Interactions 2.0 is an intuitive way to build animations and interactions on the web — visually.

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Hey, Product Hunt! I’m Bryant, CTO at Webflow. We’ve been working on Interactions 2.0 as a brand-new way for designers and developers to build website animations and interactions visually — and I’m so excited to share it with all of you today. With this release, we’re extending the possibilities of what you can visually create on the web. Best of all, you can experience every bit of the feature with our Starter plan — absolutely free. Some highlights: - Create scroll-based parallax animations. Parallax may be so 2014 ... but we think there’s still a place for it in modern web design. You can animate and move elements based on scroll position, and create some powerful effects. - Mouse-based interactions. Use the mouse’s X and Y coordinates to control how other elements move and rotate. - Timeline-based animations. You can create Keynote-like animations and see exactly how and when elements will move. Group various interactions with each other and preview them live in the browser. All of this opens up the possibilities of what you can do in Webflow. So we created a little launch page as a proof of concept. (And decided to turn it into a History of the Web at the same time.) Check it out and try out Webflow IX2!
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@bryantchou proud of you guys!
Congrats on the release. I'm now at the point where if a client wants to work with Wordpress rather than Webflow, I drop the client and proceed to fulfill the needs of clients who want beautiful, powerful, easily-updated websites in Webflow. It's simply more time and cost effective for me to do it this way. With the release of Interactions 2.0, it's seriously like giving Harry Potter a wand for Webflow's users. If you're a designer or a front end web developer and aren't using Webflow yet, it's your loss. Catch up.
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I have been using Webflow for over 4 years now. I've never seen a team so collectively aligned on a mission to make their product the best possible. The pros are extensive and the cons are understandable from a business perspective. I will be a Webflow customer for life.


Easier than learning photoshop, as powerful as learning HTML/CSS/JS, extensive templates/showcase for inspiration, GREAT forums, beastly CMS


Expensive hosting, Webflow's interface is buggy if you have a slow internet connection (understandably)

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You guys are killing it - this is a game changer, congrats @bryantchou and the rest of the team!
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@sidneyottelohe Thanks Sidney! Credit all goes to the amazing Webflowers that worked on this. Incredible teamwork — can't wait to see what you build!
I wish I could communicate to people how amazing webflow is. It is so unlike other visual website builders because of the low level of abstraction, clean code, and attention to detail. Webflow can do 99% of what 99% of web designers need.