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June 8th, 2020
Your time is precious, so we’ll make this quick. These productivity lifehacks will save you minutes you can spend on better things, like finding someone who will match your donations for a worthy cause.

📱 Anyline Keyboard brings CMD+C to the real world. Snap a photo of text IRL and paste into your phone

🎨 Color Copy Paste can copy colors from your phone & paste them on web, Figma or Sketch

😊 Blush is a customizable illustration tool so you can create unique artwork on your own without a design background

📩 Signature.email is a drag and drop editor for creating slick email signatures efficiently

👀 Oko tells you when you need a screen break to avoid eye strain

📅 MeetingBar gets you into your next Zoom call from your menu bar

🔍 Command E searches everything in your cloud or computer automagically

👋 Anygood is a gesture-based to-do app launched today to help keep track of what you want to read, eat and listen to

What is truly the best productivity app out there? Drop your thoughts here.
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