Anyline Keyboard

Phone keyboard that let's you scan text instead of typing it

The Anyline Keyboard lets you scan text instead of typing. It functions like any normal keyboard built for iPhones, but with an extra scanning function.
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🖖 Hi Hunters and Makers! We are happy to announce our new product The Anyline Keyboard. Our mission is to enable everyone around the world to use our scanning solution for what they need. Companies like Toyota, PepsiCo and IBM are using our technology to make their business more innovative and efficient. When you install the Anyline Keyboard, you can use it as your standard keyboard in every other app that you use. Use your favourite email, messenger or browser apps with the Anyline Keyboard to enter data faster and more accurately. 5 SCAN MODES TO CHOOSE FROM ♲ UNIVERSAL SERIAL CODES: For everyday tasks like connecting your TV or device to a streaming service or registering product serial numbers 💳 IBAN: Instantly fill out bank invoices and payments by capturing your international bank account number from any document with the IBAN scanner 🎫 VOUCHER: Redeem vouchers, top-up and promotional codes in the blink of an eye 🛂 PASSPORT / MRZ: Instantly copy and paste your passport, ID or Green Card information for a faster and error-free registration or check-in 🏴󠁵󠁺󠁱󠁲󠁿 BARCODE / QR: Easily scan driver’s licenses with PDF417 and capture the data from any barcode or QR code. TYPE LESS, DO MORE With the Anyline Keyboard scanner, you can enter data 20 times faster than typing. It’s also proven to be far more accurate than manual data entry, so you make less annoying mistakes! The Anyline Keyboard will instantly scan the text and serial numbers you need. It also works offline, giving you complete data security. ⏩ DO MORE, FASTER: Enter your data within the blink of an eye. ⌨️ NO MORE TYPING: Let your phone just scan it. 📋 INSTANTLY COPY AND PASTE: Your data is pasted automatically. 🔒 SECURE USE: We ensure the highest security for your data. 🕴️WHO IS ANYLINE? Anyline is a leading software provider for mobile text recognition, also known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). We develop scanning solutions that allow you to digitize important data much faster & accurately than manual entry. Find out more about the Anyline Keyboard ➡️
Congrats on the launch! Great addition to my normal keyboard.
@imob84 Thanks! It's great to hear that!
I love it, no more WIFI Code typing!!!
@harald3dcv I know, what a relief!
Will this delete my normal keyboard?
@kruksharita No, it will be an additional keyboard that you can easily change with your normal one. It works just the same as a regular keyboard, but with additional scan buttons on the top.
Looks great. What languages does it support?
@ericahal Our keyboard reads capitalized Latin alphabet letters (A-Z) and numbers, and is available for android in English (USA, UK), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and many other languages. For iOS we support at the moment only English but we are planning more languages in the next version.