Automatic time-tracking combined with task management

Empoche combines automatic time-tracking with task management. Learn which PC applications you use most, get more focused and discover on which tasks and projects you spent most time.
Available for macOS, Linux and Windows.
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16 Reviews5.0/5
Empoche is currently in Open Beta, would love to get your feedback on it! Thank you
Nice product, very useful right now. Thanks.
Cool visual explanation of efficiency. Download to try
Tis is great! I love the Empoche. It's a bit buggy, but great. It's a joy to help you with testing and development. I suggest you to add integration with Trello, Jira, etc.
The project looks interesting. I like productivity score, tracker, dashboard and some of widgets. Btw, how you calculate productivity score? Things, what could be improved: - tasks UX looks uncomfortable I guess kanban board for tasks and Gant graphic for timed tasks should be much better. - probably, pomodoro timer for tracking time can be useful for users. - is possible to see productivity statistic for a team/project per day/week etc.?
@andrey_kucherenko Hi Andrey, thanks for your feedback! - Productivity calculation is quite simple at the moment, every software category has a fixed productivity score. Later users should be able to set the score per category themselves. (E.g. with something like a 5 step switch between Very Distracting to Very Productive) - Additional Kanban support is high on my todolist, even though I personally don't like it for every type of task / project. Also thinking on if something like S.W.O.T or MoSCoW etc. would be a nice addition. - Timers too, not specific to pomodoro though. I am not sure if i am enough in pomodoro methodology to get them right. - Not yet, only the team member and team total times for projects and tasks. Having a bit of a hassle to find out how much should be shown and what should not. (Have the fear to make a "blame game" out of it).
@yves_hoppe Thank you for the answer, one more question - do you plan to integrate Empoche with existing tasks management tools: trello, jira, github tasks, etc.?
@andrey_kucherenkoI Integration in terms of importing tasks from these tools? Or more like combining these tools? Importer for some of these is on the list, depends what users want, as always :)
@yves_hoppe I guess in terms of importing tasks will be great, but the topic of integration can be wide. I like your tool and wish you good start
@andrey_kucherenko Thank you again for your feedback, helped me a lot to prioritize some tasks. Working already on the next update.